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I am inspired to write after receiving the “proud to be meme” from Sandy over at Baby Baby.  I need to list 5 things that make I am proud of, but they have to be about me.
This is hard, I find it much easier to be proud or grateful of others, but here you go.
  1. I am proud that I can bake even if it is at 2 in the morning and I eat all the scones by lunchtime the following day.  Baking feeds my soul as well as my ever expanding tummy.
  2. I am proud that I am alive and will not have to live my life looking for cancer and waiting for it to bite me on the bub.  You can read my story at Bah to Cancer
  3. I am proud that I managed to eventually pass my driving test, even if I was pregnant with MiniMad and 33 years old at the time.
  4. I am proud that I have my two boys and that I am trying to raise them as well as I can. 
  5. I am proud when I realise that my husband loves me regardless of how I look and that we work at our marriage to keep it strong and that it is worth working at.
Now I have also been inspired by Kat’s post at Slugs on the refrigerator today, about moments bringing her such joy and I wanted to add five things that have done just that over the last few days.
  1. Opening up a parcel yesterday from an Internet friend which contained reading and activity books for the boys, a little magazine insert and a lovely necklace for me – all for no reason at all.  Thank you very much for bringing some joy and a little tear to my eye.
  2. Watching my boys play drums on tins yesterday
  3. When asking minimad what the weather was like this morning his reply was “doggy”, when I asked what that was he said “misty” therefore, Fog will always and forever more be “dog” in my head
  4. I am grateful that my tomatoes are turning red
  5. I am so grateful to MadDads boss for the loan



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