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Interior Design Trends That Are Set to Last

Interior Design Trends That Are Set to Last is a paid collaborative post with Skirting World. With Interior Design becoming more and more accessible and lots of fashion shops selling seasonal items for our homes at a more affordable price it can be really tempting to follow all the design trends you see on Instagram and Pinterest, however, with the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis we are looking for interior design trends that are set to last. The home decor trends that will last and stand the test of time without looking dated.

I follow lots of interiors and Home Instagrammers and get so much inspiration from their posts and aesthetics, however, with climate change and the cost of living I really am not one for following fads – I don’t have a Pinterest-worthy home (Hague blue walls anyone?). What I look for are the ways I can incorporate these trends into my home long-term. As with all interior design trends, DIY will continue to be massive going forward with people doing more and more of their own renovations rather than getting people in. With so many excellent tutorials online people are really ready to try their hand at things especially when you can get samples of things like skirting board sent to you to make sure they are exactly what you are looking for.

Interior Design Trends That Are Set to Last

Top Interior Design Trends


Buying second-hand, sustainable or ecologically is not going to be a trend going forward, it is going to be essential, especially with the rising cost of products and the impact on the planet. Sustainable living and using sustainable materials will be something that is at the top of everyone’s list. So we will still see a mix of vintage, preloved and second-hand pieces in everyone’s homes. Reupholstering items will give them a whole new life.

Lux Layering

We have been seeing luxury coming back more into interiors this year and a step away from minimalism by adding comfort and warmth and texture to homes. Using layers of different fabrics but in similar hues or shades is a simple way of giving a feeling of depth and cosiness. We learned throughout lockdown that homes are a haven and this will continue to inspire the interiors industry. However, we will be waving goodbye to all the grey for warmer tones.

Think multi-layered rugs and cushions of different textures and sizes. Shutters or blinds on windows with added layers of curtains whether sheer or luxurious, but without the fluff and frills of yesteryear.

Interior Design Trends That Are Set to Last

Cocooning and Curves

Building on the lux, curves and organic shapes are here to stay in furniture and painted to focus on areas. Curves provide a feeling of comfort and nurturing which we all need in our homes right now and moving forward. We will see more of these in headboards, sideboards and other furniture and styling including scallops, lozenges or circles.

Sofas will continue to be key pieces that demonstrate how a relaxed style of seating can combine comfort and everyday practicality, but with a nod to traditional styling. Home is for feeling relaxed whilst you live in it after all!

Broken Plan Living

With so many more people Flexi working and working from home, workspaces and privacy at home has become an issue for people and has heralded a move away from open plan living to homes with multifunctional spaces or that you can physically cordon off. It allows all the family to inhabit the same space without distracting or interrupting each other. But it’s not just a practical move. Broken plan layouts can create cosy living rooms while still maintaining an open feel.

Broken plan is the division of rooms, either partly or temporarily. Using screens, partitions, and even the intelligent use of furniture.

Interior Design Trends That Are Set to Last

Home Office Spaces

As above a post-pandemic realisation is that we can all work from home if not all of the time some of the time and this facilitates the need for home office space. More people will be looking at converting little utilised garage space or even adding a pod into their gardens if there isn’t a way to adapt their floor plans to incorporate one.

I mean you really want to have a professional backdrop for when you are on zoom calls!


Feature walls have certainly had their day, however, wallpaper is here to stay, but not just on one wall on all walls and it is even an option in kitchens too. Wallpaper also makes for a brilliant background on furniture.