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As a mum of two boys, I feel very strongly that they have respect, understanding and think of girls as their equals. Does this make me a feminist?

I feel that it is my job as a woman, mother and feminist to instill in them that women and girls are their equals.   All children, boys and girls, have a better chance in life when their mothers have benefitted from gender equality.   Educated mothers are more able to support their families both economically and emotionally. Men and boys are part of the solution.

Today is the first ever International Day of the girl.  As a woman this is not something that I can ignore.  Worldwide, girls carry the burden of poverty more than anyone and 75 million girls are currently denied an education. What is one of these girls is the woman who was destined to discover the cure for cancer?  75 Million girls are NOT in school, which is about one in three girls worldwide.  This is a HUGE waste of potential.    They do not have a choice in this, but you have a choice in standing against this discrimination.

What can you do to make a difference?

Sign Plan International’s petition to ask that education be made a priority for girls

speak out against gender bias and advocate for girls’ rights everywhere” as International Day of the Girl asks you too.

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  • Anna Kirsen

    One of the sad things about the better equality in publishing is that there are still the old stereotypes being perpetuated by female editors. I would like to see more editorials showing models without the makeup and photoshop, so my daughter doesn’t grow up with distorted views of her self-image that are engendered by the false imagery in many women’s magazines.

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