Introducing Mr Smudge aka TheCookingFat

Mr Smudge our large white cat has been with us for 13 years and used to be part of a double act with his partner in crime Snowey, who sadly left us just over 3 years ago. He is a grand old long haired cat, who tolerates the MiniMads and loved to be fussed over by grown ups, any grown up and leaves us little presents and hair all over the place. He was one of the main reasons we have a wooden floor downstairs, as it is a pain in the butt vacuuming cat hair all the time.
Things Mr Smudge does which are not at all cat like
  1. He licks the TV screen when you turn it off
  2. He comes in when called
  3. He refuses to use a cat flap, preferring to yowl until you open the door for him
  4. He likes being groomed