Is this really what men think about woman? 21

If you dress like a slut then you are asking to be raped.  Is this really what men think about woman?  I know that it is not something I want to even let my boys contenttemplate thinking and have to say I was shocked that in today’s society that any man, let alone a police officer would band things like this about.

If you go into a shop is it acceptable to steal as you are being tempted by all the things on offer?  I didn’t think so, so why does the way a woman dress mean that she is asking to be raped?  But fundamentally what worried me was that this is what the man obviously thought and felt strongly enough to say even though he was aware that it was something that he shouldn’t be saying in his capacity as a police officer.

Where did this opinion come from?  The more I though about it, the more I know that I do not want my children growing up thinking this, but then again there is no way I would go out publicly in some of the things that people do, nor would I let my boys watch a lot of the music video’s that are on MTV.  I think that we are sending out the wrong messages about what is acceptable in today’s society.  Why do people feel the need to sexualize children at such an early age.  Why do people question when I let the boys play int heir paddling pool naked or even go in the sea naked, if I don’t have swimming trunks with me.  When we were at Newby Hall recently I heard a mum tell her daughter to put her bikini top on, she was 3 at the oldest, at that age I was just in bottoms or a one piece.  As a parent surely it is down to us to educate our children and make the changes.  There has to be a market for bikini’s, sordid t shirts, padded bra’s and high heels for children or manufacturers wouldn’t make then and shops wouldn’t sell them.

So has the time to come to start educating people that rape is not acceptable in any circumstances, but also take this as a wake up call that we need to let children be children, let then watch music video without having to see people “bump and grind” (I hate watching them copying the style of dancing).  Let then be able to go and buy a comic without worrying what is on the cover of lads mags.  Sally at who’s the mummy posted about going to see a U film which had reference to playboy bunny’s in.  Carly from Mummy Shoes has also done a fantastic post about media and the sexulisation of society.  Mumsnet also have a campaign to allow girls to be girls, which has a host of information about the early sexulatisation of girls on.

So what are your thoughts and what can we do to stop this happening?