It is not babysitting 14

Today my husband is looking after our children whilst I am at Blog Camp UK.  He will have sole responsibility for them until I get back on Sunday.

When he is out at work during the week, I do not babysit our children, so why do people insist that when he is taking sole responsibility of Mini and Maxi they insist on calling it babysitting.

So just to make it clear, he is not babysitting the boys in my absence.  He is PARENTING.

14 thoughts on “It is not babysitting

  • MumReinvented

    You tell them Jen, drives me mental when people say that! Mind you my man is just as bad, he seems to think I’m the only one that can be left alone with the baby without him internally combusting or something!

  • helenprev

    Oh my goodness YES. This used to drive me up the wall. Interestingly, now we are divorced, when the children go and spend the weekend with him, nobody refers to it as babysitting. It is socially accepted that he is parenting, now he doesn’t live with me any more.*


    *Just to make it clear, I am NOT recommending divorce as an option… 😉

  • Nickie

    I want to use swear words but insert them where necessary…

    Oh Yes. I so agree with you here. People need to “get with the programme”.

    Well said, Jen.

  • Kelly

    Yes, my FIL made the mistake when I was going to London for the day of turning to Mr C and saying ‘so you are babysitting then’

    He got very short shrift from me. It is called looking after your children.

  • Kara

    I have just read this post to my husband and he shouts woohoo finally, I am a parent that is my responsability – he hates it when people say it to him and he is a SAHD, when I go to Cybher he shall be solely in charge and everyone keeps saying babysitting and trust me he corrects them x

  • Gillian

    So true! So many people call it babysitting when the Dads are in charge. But they are parents too. Can’t wait to hear about your blogging weekend.

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