It would have never happened with a PFB (Precious First Born) 4

I have a confession to make, it is time to clean my soul.  Maxi loves Hot Chocolate and had fennel tea as a baby, well Mini he loves coffee, yes coffee.  Last year when Maxi started school Mini and I would visit a coffee shop once a week when we took my mum to hospital and our treat was a decaf latte and Mini would always love to drink my foam and finish the coffee and now you guessed it, decaf latte is his drink of choice!
So this got me thinking, what other things did I do differently with Mini, than I did with Maxi (15 months age gap).
Dummy – I always re sterilised Maxi’s with Mini’s if dropped I just popped it back in my mouth!
Secondhand – I soon learned second hand didn’t mean second best!
Having a feeding chart – yes I had one for Maxi!
Thermometer in the nursery (didn’t even have a nursery for Mini, he was in with us for 9 months whist we rented).
I strapped Maxi in to the swing with mini I just used to place him in it
I used to warm Maxi’s milk in hot water, with Mini it was the microwave each and every time!
I had a separate kettle to boil the water for Maxi’s bottle.
I used to make sure Maxi’s bib matched his outfit.
The thing is a love him just as much, it is just I relaxed a little, plus I didn’t have enough time to be as precocious as there is only 15 months between the boys.
So what are your parenting secrets?


4 thoughts on “It would have never happened with a PFB (Precious First Born)

  • Lindsey

    Ha ha, this is brilliant! I only have baby number one and wonder how I would be different for number two! I did a few of the things on your list too 🙂 Great post! x

  • @jencull (Jen)

    hehehe, I have three and I have to say the third one is raring herself I am so relaxed! You know when the PFB falls and bumps their head and you go mental…………well on my third I dust her off, check the clock (timing for concussion) and tell her to be more careful and go about my business. Think I did everything else that you did too!! Jen (thanks for joining in blog gems)

  • Jenny paulin

    I have on,y the one at the moment although my second baby is due I’m April, so it will be interesting to see what i do differently this time round. People say you are more relaxed with the second one but then thoughts of having two are pretty stressful I have to say!
    Great post xx

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