It’s no longer just the ‘birds and the bees’ we need to talk to our children about!

Was life really much simpler when we were children, or is it just that we remember it as being that way?  The one big event in family life used to be ‘the talk’ and getting to find out about the birds and the bees from mum or dad.  Now the world is a much larger place, or seems that way, thanks to the massive leaps forward in technology that we are all experiencing.  Reading a book has become reading a Kindle, large unruly newspapers have become easier to handle with the online versions and the internet and social media has just about blown the lid off everything!


If we struggle as parents to understand everything that is going on, then how are we supposed to explain the good bits and the bad bits to our children?  The answer is that we cannot.  We need to make a concentrated effort to keep up to date with what is going on in the world of technology.  With the arrival of websites like to help us, things just became a whole lot easier!

If you have never heard of the website then it is really worth checking it out.  Here you will find a virtual community of parents all searching for the answers.  And of course we all know the popular saying ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’; well this is a good way of describing what the website can help us with. As well as the problems created by technology and the internet, there are also discussions and a sharing of opinions and ideas about general family-related topics and how to deal with certain situations.  You will also find a panel of super friendly and helpful ‘experts’ ready to share their time with you as well as their vast bank of knowledge.  As well as reading questions posted by other parents, you can add to the site your own batch of queries whilst at the same time sharing your experiences and possible solutions with others mums and dads.

The other great thing about websites like this is that you do not need to be an IT expert to negotiate and find you way around the site.  It has been written in a very clear and easy to understand format and is especially user-friendly.  As well as browsing it solo, how about having some time on the site with your children and exploring some of the topics together?  This is a great way of you both learning about the internet at the same time and will bring about some natural debating and discussions on hot topics.  Think of it as time when you can both learn and develop together and get used to sharing thoughts and feelings.  You may discover that you have vastly opposing viewpoints or may even be surprised to find that you have far more in common with the younger members of your family than you might have expected!  Either way, have fun learning together.