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It’s snow joke

I haven’t been online a lot this week. Here in our little corner of the North East coast we have felt the full force of the weather that has hit Britain this week. We have had masses of snow and the boys school has been shut all week.

So I have taken the opportunity to spend some quality time with mini and maxi and we have crafted, baked, read, made up stories, put up the Christmas decorations and enjoyed each others company.


MadDad has been working from home and has also spent a lot of time clearing paths and making sure the house is as safe and secure as it can be.  We have walked to the village and managed to keep us in supplies.  We have seen accidents involving a lorry and cars and been thankful that no ones has been hurt.

So you can imagine my upset when we got up on Saturday morning ready to travel for a weekend with friends and a visit to Drayton Manor‘s magical Christmas at Thomas Land that we discovered that a huge snowfall had come off the roof of our house and then through the roof of the conservatory, which is our family room and most utilised room in the house.

What a nightmare, thankfully nobody was hurt.  The boys had just come in to get dressed when it happened and would have been stood under where it fell.  As it was only all the electrical got it (yep that would be the TV, wii, playstation, blu ray and video player).  The weight of the snow that fell had been great enough to actually bend the metal frame of the conservatory.  The irony of all this is that we had been clearing the roof of the conservatory after hearing of a skylight in a nearby village braking under the weight of the snow, we had also left the heating on.

So we made the decision to go and have our weekend away and leave all the worry behind (after speaking to the insurance company) and it was the right thing to do.  We had a great time.

The insurance company will be out on Wednesday (first day they can get to us) and we will deal with everything then.  Our only issue is finding the £200 for the excess, but it could have been so much worse.

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