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Jelly Baby Jesus Cakes


Shredded wheat
Golden Syrup
Milk Chocolate
Jelly Babys
Royal Icing
Cake Cases


Break up the chocolate in a bowl and microwave till melted, whilst scrunching up the shredded wheat.
Add about a tablespoon of golden syrup to the melted chocolate (it keeps it melted longer, which is easier for the children) and then add the shredded wheat.
Have a good lick at your spatula when you have finnshed mixing!
Scoop out and place in to the cake cases, this is the chocolate straw.
Add you Jelly Baby Jesus, very gently as not to wake him on to his bed of straw.
Then cover him in a royal icing blanket.  I buy premade royal icing for the Christmas cakes, so just save it.  I rolled it out for the boys to cut.
Then enjoy scoffing your Jelly Baby Jesus Cakes!!
Sorry if this offends anyone, but we love it.


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