Jenkins & Hustwit Farmhouse Cake Review and Giveaway 189

Jenkins & Hustwit Farmhouse Cake Review and Giveaway is a paid collaboration. As much as I love baking cakes, I also love eating cakes that I haven’t baked and often that can lead to disappointment when you wish you had just made it yourself. During most of this year whilst she has been unable to leave the house, my Mother in Law has been a baking demon with weekly deliveries of sweet treats to our home. So we have been really lucky with no buying any!

Jenkins & Hustwit Farmhouse Cake Review - The Mad House reviews traditional Yorkshire farmhouse cakes from ex-school cookery teachers.

Normally I make the Christmas Pudding and Fruitcakes for Christmas but this year I have been seriously unmotivated and jumped at the chance to have some delivered for review from Jenkins and Hustwit Farmhouse Fruitcakes.

Jenkins & Hustwit Farmhouse Cake Review - The Mad House reviews traditional Yorkshire farmhouse cakes from ex-school cookery teachers.

With a husband that works a stone’s throw from where Jenkins and Hustwit were established and made they are a well-known brand to us making familiar farmhouse cakes.

Jenkins & Hustwit Farmhouse Cake Review - The Mad House reviews traditional Yorkshire farmhouse cakes from ex-school cookery teachers.

I also married in to a farming family, so these sorts of cakes are firm family favorites and Mini was weaned on Christmas pudding and Brandy sauce at six months old! Yes, he really was. We visited my inlaws on Christmas Day and my father in Law fed him two portions of it and he has loved it ever since.

Jenkins & Hustwit Farmhouse Cake Review - The Mad House reviews traditional Yorkshire farmhouse cakes from ex-school cookery teachers.

The fact that these cakes have been cooked in my in-laws family for generations meant that Jenkins and Hustwit had a lot to live up to, especially as fruit cake is my FIL’s cake of choice for a mid-afternoon tea and cake snack.

Jenkins & Hustwit Farmhouse Cake Review - The Mad House reviews traditional Yorkshire farmhouse cakes from ex-school cookery teachers.

Jenkins & Hustwit Farmhouse Cake Review

We were sent a Dales Fruit Cake, Lemon Loaf Cake and Victorian Christmas Pudding to try.

The Lemon Loaf got a thumbs up from us – moist, airy and just the right amount of lemon. Sometimes lemon cake can be too tart for my children, but the second slices were hoovered!

The Dales Farmhouse Fruitcake had a lot to live up to. Mini is a fruitcake connoisseur and he loved this, in fact I had to stop him having a third slice!

It is packed with currents and you can really taste the rum without the cake being overpowered by it. Light, buy heavy with fruit cherry and citrus peel in addition to the current, it is delicious and perfect for serving with a cup of tea and a slice of cheese.

Which brings me to the Christmas Pudding. First off, you can tell that this has been matured really well and is moist and delicious even once cooked. It familiar flavour and reminds me a lot of our homemade puddings and I had to check to see if it had carrot in like one of the recipes we have had. It as delicious served with Brandy Sauce and we really like the fact that it comes with a fitted lid, not only for the cooking but also for keeping any you might have leftover (which didn’t happen in this house)! We cooked our in our pressure cooker, but you can microwave or steam too.

Jenkins & Hustwit Farmhouse Cake Review - The Mad House reviews traditional Yorkshire farmhouse cakes from ex-school cookery teachers.

So Jenkins and Hustwit get a big thumbs up from the Mad family and I am delighted to be able to give away a Christmas Pudding or cake and a loaf cake to one lucky reader.

Win a Jenkins and Hustwit Cake Bundle

To be in with a chance (winner picked at random), please head over to Jenkins and Hustwit and then come back tell me which loaf cake you would choose and also your favourite family Christmas tradition in the comment section below.

Competition closes noon December 11th 2020, UK Entrants only and prize to be dispatched by the brand upon receiving winners’ details. No cash alternative offered.

189 thoughts on “Jenkins & Hustwit Farmhouse Cake Review and Giveaway

  • Emma Walters

    the lemon loaf looks amazing! i ove cooking cookies and mince pies for santa on xmas eve with the kids x

        • Andrew C

          The Dales fruit cake for me everytime
          Our tradition, after a busy Christmas Day when the kids have gone to bed my wife and enjoy a turkey sandwich packet of plain crisps , cup of coffee and slice of Christmas cake .

    • Maxine Lewis-Enright

      I would choose the lemon loaf. We love lemon cakes so that would be our go to. Our family Christmas tradition is buying a new nutcracker for the tree each year xx

    • DawnLouise

      Cherry and almond 🥰

      Our Christmas Eve tradition is a nice big bubble bath with a special Christmas Eve bath bomb from Lush before getting our Christmas Eve box out and putting our new PJs on. Then christmas movie with Christmas snacks and hot chocolate. Once the boys are in bed me and hubby watch It’s a wonderful life 😍

  • Stacey

    Definitely would choose the lemon loaf. Although the teatime fruit loaf would be a close second! My fave Christmas tradition is decorating the tree with the kids & loud Xmas music playing. Hot chocolates & a Christmassy film after. Which is all on the agenda for today!


    I would choose the LUSCIOUS LEMON LOAF. My favourite family Christmas tradition is a trip to the pantomime on Christmas Eve

  • Angie McDonald

    I’d choose the Cherry & Almond loaf cake! It sounds delicious!

    My favourite tradition of ours I baking cookies to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve!

  • Carol W.

    The Honey and Ale loaf cake would be my choice as I’ve never tasted one before.
    My tradition is having trifle for breakfast on Boxing day….we always made a trifle but were too full to eat it on Christmas Day so to save the fresh cream from going off and having to be thrown out we’d have a bowl for breakfast.

  • Jenna Hegarty

    The Lemon loaf – my go to cake bake is a lemon drizzle but I always like to see (ok, taste) how the professionals do it.

  • Marylyn Hammersley

    Lemon loaf would be a big favourite in our house.

    Since my granddaughter was little we would take her to the local Pantomime, she loved it. Last Christmas we took our twin grandsons aged 2 for the first time, they loved it. Hopefully next year we will be able to all visit together. Oh yes we will………

  • Diana Maxwell

    Deluxe ginger loaf cake. Our tradition is a cooked breakfast done in the overn . Setting the timer so it is ready when we wake.

  • Rebecca

    The cakes look delicious and I want to try them all! But the loaf cake that appeals the most is Cherry & Almond. Yum!

    My children and I do a Christmas jigsaw puzzle together every year on Xmas Eve. It ensures we spend quality time together. We make eggnog and sit around the coffee table putting the puzzle together.

    • Margaret Gallagher


      Reminds me of christmas years ago – this year may be a little different but we’re Guarenteed home cooked delights merry Christmas

  • Amy bondoc

    the lemon loaf looks amazing! we add a dec to our tree each day of december and most of them are handmade x

  • claire woods


    I love Christmas Eve when we leave treats out for Father Christmas and his reindeer.

  • MollyR

    I would choose the Deluxe Ginger Loaf Cake. It is my tradition to bake a strong gingerbread loaf cake at Christmas, with masses of ginger and black treacle, and it would be interesting to compare the two.

  • christine goody

    I love the Cherry and Almond Loaf Cake. My favourite tradition at Christmas is having Buck’s Fizz with breakfast!!

  • Joo Dee

    would choose the Lucious Lemon cake and we always have a glass of Bucks Fizz Xmas morning with breakfast!

  • S Straw

    I’d love to try the lemon loaf! We bake mince pies on Christmas eve and leave them out for Santa with a carrot for the reindeer.


    Wow these look so yummy! I’d love to try these! I promise I’d share them with my family though, honest!!!

  • Jim Milligan

    The Honey and Ale Loaf Cakes sounds like a great tasting cake; traditionally we bake gingerbread using an old recipe

  • Patricia Walpole

    The fruit cake looks absolutely delicious – I would be hard pushed to east just one slice 🙂

    The Victorian Christmas pudding looks so tasty, too…

  • peter friston

    Deluxe ginger loaf , children always have chocolate coins in there stockings , they are now 28 & 25

  • Rich Tyler

    Lemon loaf loves scrummy! We sprinkle fairy dust in garden for santas sleigh, so he knows where to park!

  • Valerie Brown

    I would choose a CHERRY & ALMOND LOAF CAKE.
    My favourite Xmas tradition is bringing in the Christmas pudding all alight. We dim the lights and get ready with the Ooo’s and Ahh’s

  • Carole Nott

    I like the sound of the CHERRY & ALMOND LOAF CAKE – two of my favourite flavours. Perfect for a christmas eve treat

  • Shellyg

    Cherry & Almond loaf cake. I have never made one nor have I had one in years from a shop even. our only family tradition is mum saying ‘I won’t stand in my dinner’ as one year she put her xmas dinner on the floor and stood in it. Classic.

  • AJS40

    It’s got to be the Reduced sugar fruit loaf as my husband is diabetic. Our Christmas tradition, eating fruitcake with cheddar cheese.

  • Mari Sutherland

    I would pick the TEA LOAF CAKE
    I love decorating the Christmas tree with my son. We still use the decorations he made in primary school.

  • Charlotte F

    Honey and ale sounds wonderful! First time. I’ve heard that combination in a cake! We always spend Christmas Eve baking cookies for Santa, then walking around the area to enjoy the Christmas lights

  • Kathleen Marsden

    DELUXE GINGER LOAF CAKE We always have a family walk around the village after Christmas lunch.

  • Frances Heaton

    They all look delicious, so rich and moist, but my favourite flavours are Cherry and Almond. Would be lovely to enjoy a piece while having an afternoon brew.

    Our favourite family tradition is decorating the house with the Christmas tree, and all the baubles and sparkling tinsel. We also light up a small tree outside, and it always looks welcoming.

  • Jenny McClinton

    I would choose the tea loaf, but they all look yummy. I love having my daughter get on my bed Christmas morning with her stocking, showing me what she has got whilst I have a coffee.

  • Shanti Smallwood

    I would choose Tea Loaf Cake, always amazing with a cuppa. Our family Christmas tradition …… a Christmas morning walk on Dartmoor – amazing what ever the weather!

  • Katie Witherington

    ohh the Honey and Ale loaf cake sounds divine. I am starting my own traditions as I find myself alone for the first time at Christmas, so take out christmas eve sounds good to me

  • Stephen Holman

    Deluxe Ginger Loaf Cake – we have a tradition of opening one present each on Christmas Eve

  • Gayatri Gogoi

    I would choose the lovely lemon loaf. My favourite family tradition is everyone piling up on the sofa after lunch to snooze or watch TV

  • Alice Gilkes

    I’d choose the Luscious lemon loaf, definitely. My favourite family Christmas tradition is definitely the giving and receiving of presents. I love seeing the look on my loved ones’ faces when they open a present and find something which they have wanted or needed for a long time.

  • Hester McQueen

    Cherry & Almond loaf cake. A very difficult choice to make. Champagne on Christmas day while we’re opening our gifts.

  • Louise Neasham

    I would definitely choose the lemon loaf!

    My favourite family Christmas tradition is new pjs and a Christmas film on Christmas Eve.

  • Emma Harvey

    I would choose the Teatime Fruit Loaf Cake. I love fruit cake and it’s my tradition to make my Dad one every year as his birthday is on Christmas Day.

  • Kate Loader

    Deluxe Ginger Loaf Cake.

    My favourite Christmas Tradition is to visit my Grandparents Grave with my Dad. My Dad takes them a Festive Novelty Ornament for them and we take some Holly Cutting from the Holly Tree thats on my Great Grandparents Grave

  • Jenny Bruce

    Cherry & Almond Loaf Cake Reminds me of my childhood and making cakes with mum. One cherry for the cake, and two for my mouth 😂😂
    My favourite tradition is exactly this, but now I’m the mum and my kids pinch the ingredients as we mix cakes

  • Lucy

    Hello, if I was lucky enough to win then I would go for their ‘Deluxe Ginger Loaf Cake’ as it looks so tasty! For our Christmas traditions I like looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations in our neighbourhood.Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Hannah Lord

    I love the look of the deluxe ginger loaf cake.
    We always love putting the mince pies and milk out for Santa then new pjs in Christmas Eve boxes and watching Elf

  • Helen Markham

    Cherry and Almond loaf cake sounds divine! My favourite tradition is on Christmas Eve when the kids get new pjs on and my husband reads them a story from a book, that his mum used to read to him when he was little! We all love it!

  • Jo Jones

    The Lemon Loaf looks delicious but then so do all the other items. Our favourite tradition is setting up the Nativity that my Mum made many years ago, and is loved by all the family. Now the grandchildren set it up (and move the characters about!)

  • Hugh Jones

    I would choose the Tea Loaf Cake.

    Preferred Christmas Tradition: My wife and I join my brother and his family for a very enjoyable evening of games before an excellent meal that includes goose.

  • Laura Johnson

    The Honey & Ale cake looks so good, now I’m really craving cake!

    Our tradition is having a buffet with lots of Cheese on Christmas eve and then watching a Christmas film.

  • Sheena Batey

    I’d choose the Cherry & Almond loaf cake and we leave mince pies and sherry out for Santa on Christmas Eve

  • Ella

    I would choose the farmhouse fruit cake, it looks divine.

    We go to my sisters on Christmas Eve, where we eat, drink, we play games and dance the night away

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    The Tea Loaf looks lovely, well they all do, but I love the sound of all the moist fruit. We always get matching pyjamas and watch loads of Christmas films on Christmas Eve, then when the kids have gone to bed we usually panic wrap!!

  • Sarah Cooper

    My favourite family tradition is each year I paint some Raymond Briggs Snowman themed rocks and then every Christmas Eve we go out and hide them to bring a smile to someones face when they find them.

  • Emma

    The lemon loaf sounds amazing to me! My favourite Christmas tradition is getting a new tree decoration every year. Our tree is getting full of really special ones.

  • Louise Dray

    I would choose the LUSCIOUS LEMON LOAF. My favourite family Christmas tradition is a trip to the pantomime.

  • Linda Semanych

    Everything looks fantastic, but nothing can top the lemon loaf. My favourite tradition is taking cakes round to friends.

  • Denise Coy

    All the cakes look very tasty but I would choose the Honey & Ale Loaf Cake.
    Our Christmas traditions are visiting the local pantomime , which sadly wasn’t allowed this year , and new pyjamas for the family on Christmas eve.

  • sharon martin

    i’d choose the Deluxe Ginger Loaf Cake. favourite tradition at christmas is decorating the tree together as a family, although love baking at xmas too

  • joanne liddement

    The Teatime Fruit Loaf Cake looks delicious. Our Christmas tradition that we like to do in our family is to go out into our local woods and gather holly, fir cones and foliage and make our own wreath and garlands.

  • David Reeves

    Luscious lemon loaf – a perfect accompaniment to the annual Christmas Family Quiz. Eagerly anticipated, carefully crafted with unexpected twists and a memorable after-taste…and that’s just the quiz!

  • greig spencer

    Id choose the yummy lemon loaf! Our tradition is to have a takeaway on Xmas eve and watch a festive film xx

  • Denise Christine Wilden

    I’d love to try the Cherry and Almond cake but they all looks delicious Merry Christmas x

  • felicity

    I would love the deluxe ginger cake 🙂 Favourite Christmas tradition is the clementine in the toe of the stocking – a bit of history as a reminder when citrus fruit was a luxury only available around December.

  • hayley berry

    I would choose the luscious lemon cake. Our tradition is new pjs and duvets for christmas eve

  • James Travis

    I would go for the Cherry & Almond cake.

    Our tradition is going to the football together on boxing day.

  • Bob Clark

    Honey and Ale loaf cake35 years on we still use the same paper sack we got when the kids were young

  • Beverley Marsh

    The Dales Fruit Cake looks so good. Baking sausage rolls and mince pies on Christmas Eve is a tradition in our house.

  • Ruth Harwood

    lemon loaf looks tasty!!
    we love Christmas morning and opening presents more than any other part of Christmas day!

  • Laura

    I would go for the golden butter Madeira. I would love to start a new tradition this year of decorating a gingerbread house with my 3 children

  • Jennifer Rhymer

    I would choose the Butter Madeira Loaf Cake. Every Sunday in December, we have a Christmas movie afternoon with Christmas chocolate treats x

  • justine meyer

    I would pick a lemon loaf, we don’t generally have traditions but we do have new pjs for Christmas eve

  • Maddy

    The Lemon loaf looks lucious!
    Our favourite family tradition is probably eating and drinking too much, LOL!

  • Clare Julien

    Lemon loaf and our tradition is no traditions – anything goes as long as we arehappy and agreed

  • Pete

    The Dales fruitcake would be my favourite.
    A Christmas Family tradition at our house would be a stomp through the woods after dinner

  • Bernie

    I’d chose the lushous lemon. It’s always a bit here. We always make cookies for Santa and reindeer food to sprinkle on the front lawn for the reindeer.

  • Louise A

    I would pick the Add to cart Deluxe Ginger Loaf Cake. My favourite family Christmas tradition is putting a real sixpence (which I’ve had since pre decimalisation) in the Christmas pudding.

  • Deborah Bird

    I would choose the deluxe ginger loaf cake!
    A tradition in our house when I was growing up was that we always got to open one present on christmas eve. When I had my son I carried this on but it is always new pyjamas on christmas eve for him x

  • Ellie Spider

    Luscious Lemon sounds divine. My fave xmas tradition is getting new pjs on xmas eve – we change into them around 6ish and then watch a christmas movie together

  • Sarah McIlvenny

    Love cake, especially any type of fruit cake. Christmas Pudding is my favourite this time of year.

  • Karen R

    The Honey and Ale Loaf Cake sounds fabulous – my favourite family tradition is Christmas morning, where my hubby makes Christmas Dinner and I play with our kids and their new toys, when they’re not helping with dinner xx

  • Helen H

    The Cherry & Almond Loaf Cake sounds lovely – I love to watch old films I’ve seen oodles of times already but it seems such a cosy thing to do!

  • emma Howard

    I’d go for the deluxe ginger cake.

    We always start Christmas morning with a smoked salmon and a glass of prosecco

  • Susan Crosswaite

    I’d choose the reduced sugar fruit loaf – I’m trying to cut down on sugar to lose some weight so would love to try this cake.

  • Kim M

    Cherry & Almond Loaf looks lovely – we always put a mince pie and a glass of sherry out for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph of course x

  • Susan Robinson

    I’d choose Cherry and Almond cake. My favourite tradition is leaving mince pie, carrots and baileys out for Santa and Rudolph on Christmas Eve. Santa is fed up of milk by the time he gets to our house so has a Baileys for a change 😉

  • Angela Kelly

    I love anything lemony so the lemon loaf sounds great. Our tradition is new pjs on Christmas Eve.

  • Karen B

    The lemon loaf cake looks gorgeous. We have a tradition of taking some time out on Christmas Eve and watching a Christmas film together – with added chocolate of course! It just gives us time to relax and appreciate Christmas.

  • Sarah Williams

    I would choose the Ginger Loaf, and our Christmas family tradition is to attend morning church on Christmas Day and then back to home for a croissant style breakfast before the children delve into their present opening !!

  • Anthea Holloway

    I would choose the Rich Fruit Loaf Cake which would be super for Christmas.
    We make Reindeer Food with oats and glitter and we sprinkle it on to the lawn on Christmas Eve – the glitter lights up in the moonlight to guide the reindeer in to our garden and the oats give them a tasty snack. It never fails and Santa always visits us and the oats have always gone by Christmas morning!

  • Jennie Stallard

    I’d choose the lemon loaf cake – it looks absolutely delicious!!! Tradition in our house is waiting for everyone to get up before opening any presents and then bacon off the turkey sandwiches mid morning 🙂

  • mrs tracey grevatt

    Lemon loaf for me! I always make sure Santa leaves `footprints` by the chimney when he visits at Christmas

  • Joanna Tolhurst

    I’d choose the gluten free fruit loaf to share with my son who has to have gluten free. My favourite family tradition has to be playing boards games on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day.

  • William Gould

    A hard choice, but I would go for the Lemon Loaf Cake!
    Our favourite family Christmas tradition is having a Buck’s Fizz for breakfast!

  • PhilA

    The HONEY & ALE LOAF CAKE looks scrummy. One of our tradiitons is listening to Christmas carols when decorating the Tree

  • Su Brett

    The Dales Farmhouse Fruitcake looks lovely – so much fruit!
    We like to go to ‘Carols on the green’ at the local Church

  • Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    Would choose the Lemon Loaf, sounds so delightfully fresh!!
    One of many traditions is my husband always gets up at 5am to start baking cinnamon buns! The kids all then get to wake up to a cinnamon smelling house as well as me with very very loud Christmas music!! lol
    Thankyou so much for the giveaway! x

  • karen turton

    Lemon loaf, a firm favourite in our house, it would disappear very quickly. Our tradition is no TV for three days

  • Heather Reading

    The lemon loaf is my fave, we have a tradition of baking cookies for all the neighbours instead of sending xmas cards x

  • Christine Hobbs

    I would choose The Dales Farmhouse fruitcake is looks scrummy. Our Family tradition at Christmas is to each make a gift and have a prize for the best as judged from Mrs Raven next door. She has been doing this for 16 years and is totally unbiased!!. We always have her over for Christmas Dinner to thank her. She is 86 and I am sure will enjoy sharing your cake. xx

  • Charlotte Wilde

    I love the look of the luscious lemon loaf cake yum yum! and our fave Christmas family tradition is buying a Christmas decoration each year for the kids in the family so when they reach 21 hey will have a whole box full of their own!

  • Lesley

    The Lemon Loaf cake looks delicious! I love that come Christmas Eve, the board games come out and the tech goes away. We always have so much fun, I wonder why we don’t do it more often!

  • Kate Knight

    lemon loaf would be my favorite
    My favorite tradition is having special hot chocolate on Christmas eve

  • Kirsty Hosty

    I would love to try Deluxe Ginger Loaf Cake. Our Christmas tradition is listing 25 different themed activities or movies over the festive period and putting in a Jar and pulling one out each day and doing it.

  • Mark Fridlington

    I would like to try the honey and ale loaf cake, as it sounds such an intriguing and different flavouring pairing. Alas, my baking habits are now non-existent – too many disasters!

  • Mary Campbell

    Deluxe Ginger Loaf cake – its mouth-watering taste, hip hip hooray, adds magic and spice to every festive day! 🙂 We have loads of family Christmas traditions in our house – namely watching the Nativity, going to Watch Night Service and attending the pantomime. So many wonderful events all contribute to this magical time of the year, and we love them all!

  • Claire Driver

    Cherry and almond loaf cake
    Tradition homemade gingerbread house decorated free hand by the children

  • catherine Bullas

    Cherry and almond cake. I love going with my 5 kids and choosing the Christmas tree and then going home and decorating it together.

  • Georgie Wright

    Deluxe Ginger Loaf Cake sounds amazing! My favourite tradition is Boxing Day board games with extended family, drinks and nibbles 😀

  • Emma Jackson

    The Lemon Loaf Cake looks delicious, I’d choose that for sure. our tradition is to eat Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve, we love it and enjoy leftovers for lunch on Christmas Day x

  • Rebecca Townsend

    I would choose the Butter Madeira Loaf Cake. My favourite family Christmas tradition is our Christmas Eve walk along our local beach, we write the names of sadly lost loved ones on stones and talk about Christmases gone spent with them and how much we miss them. We then throw the stones into the waves and go home for hot chocolate. It sounds sad, but it has become my favourite part of Christmas.

  • lynn neal

    The rich fruit cake is my favourite, it looks packed full of fruit! We always choose one gift to open on Christmas Eve

  • Angella Willis

    Cherry and almond loaf cake looks amazing. Our tradition is to all help decorate the tree and the rest of the house whilst listening to Christmas carols and drinking mulled wine/hit Ribena and eating mince pies. I love it!

  • Victoria Prince

    I would choose the deluxe ginger loaf cake, and my favourite family tradition is going for a walk on Christmas Eve to see all the lights!

  • Krzysia

    The cherry almond sounds lush. We always start eating copious amonts of chocolate starting at breakfast. Off to church service in the morning and home to cook a late lunch for yet more food.

  • Rennene Hartland

    The Luscious Lemon loaf sounds delicious and definitely top of my list, our family favourite Christmas tradition is every Christmas Eve we get our self’s all layered up, hot chocolate in hand and we go and walk around our village looking at all the pretty lights.

  • Helen Tyler

    I would go for the cherry and Almond Loaf Cake. Our tradition is, on Christmas Eve we always have cheese and crackers and party food instead of an evening meal.

    • Fiona jk42

      forgot to add our Christmas tradition. We decorate our tree while listening to an old CD of Christmas Novelty hits, drinking mulled wine and eating mince pies.We love to sing along to all the songs like “Grandma got runover by a reindeer”.

  • fiona d

    I would go for the iced rich fruit cake in the Christmas section, my husbands favourite.
    We always make some homemade reindeer food & spread up the garden path on Christmas Eve, our youngest is 10, he has severe learning difficulties and absolutely loves doing this, he gets so excited x

  • jennifer cairns

    farmhouse fruitcake

    we give the kids there christmas eve boxes and sit and watch elf and have hot chocloate

  • Emma Davison

    Fruit cake. The cherry and almond loaf looks good too though.
    Our Christmas tradition is making a fruit cake but it’d be nice to have an extra one!

  • Dorothy McDowell

    I would choose Cherry and Almond! My favourite Christmas tradition is pulling Christmas Crackers and seeing everyone laughing at the terrible jokes!!

  • PhillW

    HONEY & ALE LOAF CAKE – Sounds amazing. We love to watch cheesy Christmas films whilst playing board games.

  • Adrian Bold

    I would love to try the lemon loaf. We always play any games that we received as presents after the main Christmas meal.

  • Alison Latham

    I’d choose the TEA LOAF CAKE. Our family Christmas tradition is to make homemade mince pies (for Santa) on Christmas eve!

  • Sheila Sloan

    Lemon Loaf Cake. We always switch the lights on the Christmas tree for the first time on December 7th in memory of our son who died from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We miss him so much, but make it a light-hearted occasion by raising a glass and remembering the happy times we had with him.

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