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Jury Service

I have been issued a summons for Jury Service at the beginning of June.  I do not fall into any of the categories that are able to decline or are ineligible for attendance, but I just don’t know how to fit it in with our family commitments.
I know that sounds such a terrible thing to say, but MadDad works and leaves at 6.30am and doesn’t get back in to 5.45pm.  I drop Maxi at school at 8.30am and then I look after Mini and my mum till 12.30pm when I take mini to preschool.
I collect both the boys from preschool and school at 2.50pm and 3pm respectively, keep them occupied, prepare dinner, feed them, bath them etc.
I can arrange before school and after-school wrap around care for Maxi via the school at a cost of £6 per day for the duration and I think that he would be fine with that, but Mini is another issue.
I am loathed to put him in to day care for any length of time, he really suffered when I was in hospital and so did we.  It took months to get him back to his normal self.  I can not leave him with my mum for obvious reasons and MadDad does not really get enough holiday to take it off to cover childcare. 
Also I know my brother would step up and look after my mum, but it would make their life really difficult too.
So what do I do, I could ask for a 12 month deferral, by then Mini would be in school, so could do the wrap around care and it would also give more time for my Brother to be able to help my mum and also for her to be in better health?
Or do I just tell them all of the above and see what they say?
I know it is my civic duty and I don’t want to be a shirker, but what if I get allocated a trial that will take longer than two weeks, who will look after my family then?
MadDad has done Jury Service, but it was pre Maxi and therefore, we didn’t have any issues at all, but any of you mums and dads out there, what have you done?