Karcher SC2.500 Steam Cleaner Review 2

The sun has started to shine and it has made me feel as though I need to get on with the spring cleaning.  In fact I am steaming in to spring, thanks to Karcher.

karcher steam cleaner review

We have been reviewing the  Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 2.500 for the last month or so as part of their 2014 ambassador program and I have to say we are really impressed.

I have never owned a multi purpose steam cleaner before, but now feel that every household should have one.  The boys have named ours Arthur and he has get to have been put away since we got him.

We liked:

  • The Karcher Steam Cleaner SC 2.500 is a multipurpose steam cleaner and is powerful enough to clean the floor and the oven.  It cleaned grubby grout making it sparkling white.
  • It is easy to use and the tools are store back in the body of the machine
  • The cloths that attach to the tools are toweling so easy  and inexpensive to replace (as we use the machine a lot I needed more cloths as I do not wash that often!
  • No chemicals are used.  As someone who has had cancer and who’s children might have the same genetic spelling mistake it is important to me not to use anything that could possibly carcinogenic.
  • The steam can melt fat (It did a great job on our cooker hood)
  • It is compact enough to fit in our cupboard, but the water tank is large enough that I can clean the whole of the hard floor downstairs.
  • It didn’t scare the dog!

We weren’t keen:

  • Oh how I wish the power cable had been longer and also retractable (it is 4 meters long).
  • It is an investment piece of equipment at around £232
  • It takes a while to heat up ready for use and I am an impatient soul!

Steam cleaner Collage

Now I am going to admit that I don’t have any pictures of massive transformations, but we live in a house that is only eight years old and in an area that doesn’t have limescale, however, the steam cleaner has made cleaning much more of a pleasure and I feel that my home is clean without the chemicals which is such a relief and we had a bout of a sickness bug and I made sure that I cleaned everything with the steam cleaner and I managed to avoid getting it, which is something of a miracle.

I really loved how fast it cleaned the boys trip traps and it also did a superb job on the bathroom too.