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Any man can look his best without having to spend thousands of dollars on clothing. It all comes down to the strategy you have when it comes to clothes shopping. It is a general misconception that you have to earn a lot in order to look impeccable. On top of that, you don’t have to wear designer clothes to look classy and polished.

Still, you can incorporate some new habits. Before we talk about that, note that your expectations should be realistic when your budget is limited. It’s true – you can stay fashionable on a budget, but it’s not as easy as it would be if you had a higher sum of money at your disposal.

The selection of clothes isn’t as large when your budget is restricted. And this shouldn’t come as a major surprise. That being said, you might not find what you’re looking for each time you’re out shopping.

Pay Attention to the Fit of the Clothes

This is, perhaps, the most important consideration. Even if you were to invest in the most expensive garments on the market, if they don’t fit your figure, you won’t look impeccable. The key to looking exquisite is investing in clothes that are tailored to your body.

Nevertheless, some of the items you’re likely to find might not fit you like a glove. In this case, you shouldn’t give up – an option would be upgrading the garments at a professional tailor. Of course, this refers to simple alterations that aren’t that costly, such as minor shortenings of the cuffs, in the case of pants, jackets or shirts, shortening the hem of shorts and jackets, taking in the trouser waist for a more secure fit, and the list may go on.

That being said, we advise you to pick clothes that could be easily altered so that they could fit you accordingly. Those are the garments you’ll keep going back to – the investments that will be worth your money.

Choose Versatile Garments

In order to get the most out of your money, you should focus on picking versatile garments that can be worn in numerous scenarios. This means that you shouldn’t bother with fashionable items that go out of style after a couple of months. In fact, we consider versatility as the most important quality in a piece of clothing. It means that you can wear it a lot, allowing you to get plenty of use out of your purchase.

For example, even if you’ve seen an excellent looking shirt, if you end up wearing it once or twice, it’s not worth it. On that note, focus on picking items that feature classic designs, which come in neutral colours. These can be worn in numerous combinations. Rest assured, though, classic items don’t have to be boring – you can make your outfits stand out by adding unique accessories.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Sales

Another way in which you can save a lot of money when it comes to shopping for clothes is to take advantage of seasonal sales. While online shopping is a great alternative, as well, seasonal sales allow you to save a lot of money.

Nonetheless, the key to benefiting the most from this is embracing a sensible approach. That is to say, you shouldn’t buy something simply because it has a discounted price – not to mention that some garments are supposedly discounted, when, in fact, they aren’t. In other words, don’t be taken aback by the red price tag. If the price is too high, that rate might actually be the original price at which the retail intended to sell that garment.

On a different note, online shops offer great discounts as well. For example, let’s say that you’re shopping for a high-quality tux. You probably know that tuxedos are quite pricey. However, you might be able to save a considerable sum of money if you were to order your tux online with an everything5pounds discount code, for example, a 10% discount code is now available on all orders. Thanks to the money you’re going to save you could buy an extra accessory or save to purchase the piece of clothing you love on your next order.

Invest in Core Wardrobe Items

Building your wardrobe means investing in a few core pieces that you’re likely to wear for many years to come. When it comes to these items, you shouldn’t be cheap. We’re referring to those items around which you can create your day-to-day outfits, such as a few pairs of high-quality pants and jeans, some shirts, a few wool sweaters and perhaps a suit for business occasions.

When you have these core items, it will be much easier to combine them with more affordable garments and still look exquisite.

Keep It Classy – Frugalist Guide to Staying Fashionable on A Budget. Follow our fabulous hints and tips to make the most of your money.

To conclude, even if you are on a budget, it is still possible to create a beautiful, timeless capsule wardrobe. You just have to shop wisely and invest in versatile pieces that you’ll wear for months to come. Yeah, we usually look at the quality over price. Let the shopping begin!


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    My number one tip for ladies is to have an LBD – little black dress. It can suit any occasion and can be partnered with any cardigan, jacket or shawl. You can also wear any accessories on it. There are so many inexpensive LBDs in shops.

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