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There has been a bit of a theme out there in blog world about keeping it real, about blogs only showing the glossy and best bits.  I am not sure I agree with this and actually think that a lot of British Blogs are very honest in their dark sartorial, sarcastic type of way.
I think that my blog a bit like real life has a way of bringing me back down to earth with a bang.  I use my blog mainly as a record of my tiny mind and things that me and my boys have done.
I was all set to spend some time this afternoon doing a post on my holiday traditions and some up and coming projects and craft ideas and discuss the thing that you would need to get, but then bang…..
Firstly let me explain a little more, Thursday is shopping day, me, mum and the minimad tootle off to Aldi and then to the cheapo shops on the high street (well that is all there is now, that charity shops and empty boarded up windows) and then I come home, put the shopping away, lunch with mini and do Preschool Drop off.  It is the only afternoon that I keep for myself, to have a pot of tea, made with tea leaves and either spend time reading or on my PC.
Today didn’t go to plan.  Mini broke his specs in the car on the way home from the shopping trip, hence play hunt for the spare pair only to find them sat in the case, you guessed broken.  So I botch a pair out of the two and off we rush to preschool shopping still in the boot of the car.
I come back home and decide to put all the shopping away and then have my “me time”, hmm.  It was pickles that were on special this week at Aldi, so I bought some pickled beetroot and onions and as I was taking them across the kitchen, I dropped them.
OMG both bottles smash and it was carnage, it looked as though someone had cut an artery and sprayed my kitchen in blood.  A fowl smelling vinegary blood at that.
It took me nearly 2 hours to clean the bloody place up.  It gets everywhere, little balls of beetroot and great big pickled onions, vinegar up the skirting, kitchen cabinets, fridge, freezer, all over the word whammer and the alphabet magnets, stainless steel kitchen bin – covered.  Even the cat didn’t escape scot free, his beautiful white coat was pink on his feet and his water and food was full of debris. 
I swept, mopped, wiped and sweated and just as I was putting the mop and bucket away……….I slipped and landed slap bang in the middle of the floor on my arse.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, thankfully it was hysteria that took over and I couldn’t stop laughing. 
I then look at the clock on the cooker in passing and realised I was late to collect the mini’s from school.  So I dashed (in my wet trousers) to school to collect the boys and when I got minimad he had broke the spare (but mended) pair of specs.  So we had to make a trip to the opticians too.  Now I must have looked a little worse for wear by this point, as they made me a cup of tea whilst they repaired one pair of specs and did their best with the second pair.
So I didn’t manage to get my me time, or prepare any blog posts, or put things on ebay or even have my special pot of tea made with tea leaves and drank hot whilst listening to radio 5 live, but I have cancelled my appointment for tomorrow afternoon and plan to do just that then.
The pictures have nothing to do with the post, but they make me smile as they are of that super South Africa Trip and I promised Baby White Bengal Tigers

7 thoughts on “Keeping it real

  • The wife of bold

    Great pics and i know exactly how you feel regarding your "me" time. Something always happens to deter you, but my lord beetroot all over the kitchen – that's bad, i would have definitely cried!

  • Ellie

    Once, when my twin boys were toddlers, I took them to a supermarket and one of them pulled a jar of pickled red cabbage from a shelf. Needless to say the jar smashed and the aisle was dyed a rather attractive shade of pink – rather similar to the shade of my cheeks, I believe. At least I didn't have to clean it up….
    What beautiful animals those big cats are.


    Love the pics! What a day you had! You get those sort now and then, when the best layed plans go awry! As for showing the horrid bits or the less than perfect in our blogs, I have plenty, I suppose as most do! The other day I was gardening and I nearly picked up what I thought was a moulding leaf. But no! It was a rotting frog with squirming maggots all over it. I thought, now that certainaly is real….. should I? Nah!!! Hope you get to get you you time soon! suzie. xxx

  • bad penny

    Oh what a day from HELL. I did giggle though the thought of you flat on your arse surrounded by pickled onions !

    Wasn't that kind to give you a cuppa !

    When the kids were small I was in the shoe shop in the village ( gone now ) verging on hysteria from tiredness … one of the assistants was so kind & calming.

    It's refreshing when one act of kindness can help.

    Hope you have a great weekend to make up for it xx

  • Karen

    Well, after a day like that, it can only get better!!! I think the funniest part of that post was thought of you sitting in the middle of it all laughing!!! I'm sure I'd have been in the other camp!! Well done for getting it all cleaned up though!

    The pics are lovely, thanks for sharing them,x.

  • Aingeal

    Me time never quite happens as it should does it. I think I would have cried at all that mess. Hope today is better for you.

  • dottycookie

    Fabulous pictures!

    I would have sworn and cried and cursed the world and everyone in it if that had happened to me. And then eaten a family sized bar of chocolate to compensate. There are so many demands on us mums that to lose a couple of precious hours of "me-time" – arghhh!

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