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Earlier this year I worked with Highland Spring to bring you some tips on keeping your kids hydrated at school, easing the home to school transition and hel[ping kids cope at school.  I have learned over the years that water and hydration plays a big part in my kids’ behaviour.  Not only during school time, but also over the summer and how it helps them be #BraveByNature.

Tips for keeping kids hydrated over the summer from Mums. Practical tips to help you ensure that your children drink sufficient water.

Keeping Kids Hydrated over Summer

According to the Natural Hydration Council drinking 300ml of water can increase a good mood by almost 20%, which sounds great to me and kids don’t always recognize when they’re thirsty, so it’s best to encourage good drinking habits early.

I have drilled the importance of staying hydrated at school into my boys over the years but often they forget to drink enough over the summer when they are really active or busy.  Highland Spring kingly sent us a pallet of water in a variety of sizes at the beginning of the summer holidays and we have already powered our way through them all.


How to keep Kids Hydrated over Summer

Make it easily available – Highland Spring sent us a variety of their range and I made sure that I had bottles in the fridge at the front door and easily accessible.  they have a great 330ml bottle with a sports cap which is perfect for popping into lunch boxes and backpacks.

Freeze it – There is nothing nicer that ice cold water on a hot day after you have been active. My boys attended a sports camp for a couple of days so we partly froze a couple of bottles for their bags which meant they had cold water still in the afternoon.

Remind them – I know that as parents we have a lot on our mind but kids can be really forgetful especially if they are engrossed in something, so remind them to keep drinking. I try not to nag too much and sometimes will just take them a drink instead of even asking.

Make it fun –  Add fruity ice cubes, funny straws or jazzy glasses to just make it more fun to drink.

Keeping Kids Hydrated over Summer

Putting it into Practice

My boys are pretty sporty and active and I encourage them to play outside as much as possible over the summer.  They go to the park, cricket club, football pitch and play on their scooters and bikes a lot over the summer independently.  They take a rucksack with them to hold their phones, so I always slip a few bottles of water in and they always bring them back empty!

Mini has also been a regular visitor to the local skate park with his friends over the holidays.  One of his friends mums kindly takes them and stays with them (I find it so nerve wracking watching them on the ramps) to supervise and I have been giving her bottles of water for the kids.  This makes it more affordable and as they are so active even the non-water drinkers have been drinking it.  If you have a child that really doesn’t like the taste of water then you can find some great tips here.

Are your kids’ mini thrillseekers?  Mine are – totally braver by nature.  They love high ropes, rollercoasters (the scarier the better) and are desperate to go jet skiing when we are on holiday next week! But working with Highland Spring really got me thinking, are they brave by nature or by nurture?  I have never shown them fear and I am a big believer that fear is a learned emotion. I have always encouraged them to reach for the sky.

Tips for keeping kids hydrated over the summer from Mums.  Tips for keeping kids hydrated over the summer from Mums. Practical tips to help you ensure that your children drink sufficient water.


Disclosure: I’m working with Highland Spring and BritMums in a paid relationship promoting the #TermTimeEssentials and #BraverByNature campaigns about the importance of hydration to kids. Visit for more advice and tips.


8 thoughts on “Keeping Kids Hydrated over Summer

  • angela

    I love Highland Spring!! I have bought their water for years now. The kids love it too, although for Liam I need to add a little diluting juice as he isnt a fan of plain water!!

  • Suzy McCullough

    I love the idea of freezing the water so it remains cold later in the day. I am often encouraging Jamie to drink water past lunch time and this would be a good idea for him. My boy isn’t quite so adventurous….he’s only 4 though so I’m sure there’s time

  • Kara

    My kids are thrill seekers in the fact they adore climbing trees and ziplines etc, but they hate rollercoasters! I always pack water for our adventurous days out

  • Rosemary Adkins

    This is so helpful. We all know how hard it is to keep kids hydrated. I know how I was when I was little – I was the entire day playing outside and hardly could my mom convince me to drink any water.
    I keep mine hydrated by adding fruits. Either fruity ice cubes or just fruits (cherries, strawberries, raspberries) and it works! Because they’re cute and colorful, they feel more attracted to the fruity water and they drink more. 😉

  • Vicky @ The Motherhood

    Thank you for sharing such a great post, there are some great tips here about staying hydrated. I am going to try freezing the bottles for my son going to school and doing his rugby training soon!
    Vicky, Commenting on behalf of BritMums

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