Keeping Technology out of Kids bedrooms

I really struggle with sleep.  I seem to have been an insomniac all my life!  When I was a baby and child it was unusual for me to sleep more than four hours a night and it used to really get my parents down.

This has continued in to my adult life and I have struggled with insomnia on and off for years.

One of the ways that we try to control my insomnia is to ensure that the bedroom is a sanctuary and that w

bede do not have technology in that space.  It is for beds and other furniture.   I was really impressed with the beds available at  The Range. and really wish that we had room for one of there sofas in our bedroom, they have a great range here.

As the parent of a reluctant sleeper, I have learned that it is even more important to ensure that the bedroom is a place of sleep.  We keep distractions to a minimum.  Mini’s bedroom has his bed, other furniture and a bookcase in it, but there is a distinct lack of toys and there is not any technology other than a CD player for story books and his relaxation CD’s.

There are studies that have proven that exposure to the light from self-luminous displays, such as Apple iPads, could be “linked to increased risk for sleep disorders because these devices emit optical radiation at short wavelengths, close to the peak sensitivity of melatonin suppression, so we have a no screens after 6pm rule for both the boys and we do not allow mobile phones in to our own bedroom either.

I do not want them to have tablets, or other technology in the bedroom.  I feel quite strongly that I do not want them to become used to texting, emailing or accessing the internet before bedtime or in a room on their own.  I want their use to be open and for them to be honest about what they are using technology for.  But it is really hard to know what to do for the best as this technology wasn’t around when I was younger.

As the boys get older, I want to try to ensure that we keep this rule.  I would love to know how, if and why you limit technology in your child’s life.