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Do you have a garden or a yard?  We have a back garden, which eight years ago was just mud and stones as this house was a new build when we moved in to it.  We really love having a garden, we grow plants in it, eat in it over the summer and it is a fab place for the boys to play (mostly football at the moment).

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Over the years our garden has evolved as our needs have changed, but one this has always remained constant – our lawn.  If we were going to be laying a lawn now I have to admit that I would really take a look at artificial grass installation.  The thought of having a low maintenance lawn really appeals to me and to the husbeast too.  But before I chat to you about the benefits of an artificial lawn, I want to share with you some great games you can set up in the garden for your kids.

10 Great Kids Garden Games

Getting out in the garden is a great way to encourage kids to be active and also you often find that if you start them off with an activity, they continue to play for a lo0t longer than you anticipated as their imagination does the rest.

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  1. Painted rock garden treasure hunt – I love the mixture of art and activity on this game.
  2. Chalk treasure hunt – this is a great activity for kids learning to read.
  3. Water obstacle course – perfect for warm days and my kids love anything to do with water.
  4. Garden tic tac toe – this is a beautiful version of our favorite noughts and crosses and perfect for leaving our in the garden.
  5. Backyard tightrope – Oh my adventurous boys would love this, so much fun to be had with sturdy rope
  6. Set up a bubble station – who doesn’t love bubbles?
  7. Set up a backyard car wash – how cool would this be, plus all the toys get a clean too!
  8. Get out the water guns – we all have fab supersoakers and often all the neighborhood kids join in too!
  9. Backyard scrabble – How fun is this super sized scrabble?
  10. Our homemade skittles are perfect for taking our into the garden for everyone to have fun with.

Do you have any favorite yard or garden games that you play with the kids? I forgot to say one of our favorute things to do is make flower crowns 

Artificial Grass Installation

The benefits if Artificial Grass

Who doesn’t love the idea of a perfect lawn, one that isn’t covered in moss from being in the shade or has boggy patches due to bad drainage?  I know that I for one would love a lawn that can be used all year round as my boys would be out on it all the time and I wouldn’t have to worry about bare patches caused from all that cricket and football!  I know that people that have a trampoline would love it as there wouldn’t be patches under where it stands!

Artificial grass is designed to work with footy mad kids. for families like ours whose lawn is suffering after years of running around goal scoring.  For families whose lawns have become unsightly, patchy messes with a trail of mud inevitably traipsed into their houses! With artificial grass, you can let your kids play to their hearts content without worrying about them ruining the lawn or your carpets.

Artificial grass ultimately combines the best of both worlds; it’s extremely hard wearing but also soft to the touch. If you have play equipment in your garden you can even opt for a shock pad underlay beneath the grass to make sure your kids are able to bounce back from any trips or falls.

For busy families lawn maintenance can be a bit of a nightmare. All you want to do when you get home, or on one of your precious weekends, is simply enjoy the garden you have and not spend hours working on it. With an artificial lawn you never have to cut your grass again, leaving you with plenty more time to spend entertaining, relaxing or playing with your kids.  Instead of weekly mowing all you need to do is a monthly brush and remove the leaves in Autumn.

Artificial lawns have come a long way in the last couple of years, just take a look at the mixture of colors in this lawn sample, which means that it looks so much more realistic.

Trulawn Artificial Grass

The lawn is also UV stabilised, which means that it won’t fade in the sun.  Oh and if you have a house you rent out then an  artificial lawn is the perfect solution as the tenants have minimal upkeep and it will constantly look great for years to come.

So hands up, who is currently lusting after a Trulawn artificial lawn like me now?

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