Kids Gingerbread House Craft with Free Printable Template

These Kids Gingerbread House Crafts are so easy that children can make them all on their own with our fab free templates. All You need to do is print off the template for Gingerbread House of choice and let your children decorate their very own 3D paper gingerbread houses this Christmas!

Kids Gingerbread House Craft with Free Printable Template

Paper Gingerbread House Craft For Kids 

Every year I make a not so gingery Gingerbread House with the kids, but I am not going to lie it can get a little messy with all the icing and candy. These free printable gingerbread house templates are easy to download and are made of paper or cardboard and are pretty mess-free. Plus each of my kids can have their own Mini gingerbread house so no fighting over the styling or decorations!

This Kids Gingerbread House Craft are simple to make! Choose one of our free gingerbread house template to make a 3D paper gingerbread house

They are a perfect Christmas craft for a classroom or group activity each child can have their own gingerbread house to decorate. All you really need is scissors, markers (Crayons or pencils) and a glue stick. You could also add stickers, buttons, sequins or ribbon to decorate if you have them.

Make a Mini Paper Gingerbread House

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  • Paper or Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Printer

I always print my printables directly onto 160 gsm cardstock using my Epson Ecotank Printer rather than regular paper, this way they are a little more durable and the pens do not bleed through to the other side. However, if you do not have a home printer then just pop to a library and use theirs.


Download your template (which you can find at the end of this post) and print it off. You can use standard copier paper, but a slightly heavier cardstock makes things easier and for a sturdier Gingerbread House.

Kids Gingerbread House Craft with Free Printable Template

It is easier to colour in your gingerbread house and add your own designs before cutting out the gingerbread house shape. However, if you are going to add any embellishments then add them once you have cut out your chosen design. If you are working with kindergarteners then you might want to cut the houses out first, but the designs are simple enough for preschoolers and older kids to cut out themselves.

Once you have completed your Gingerbread house fold the tabs and add glue. Attach the roof last of all.

We have a beautiful simple Gingerbread house perfect for children to add their own designs too such as a Christmas tree or Gingerbread family.

Alternatively, we have designed a Candy Cane Cottage, which yes you guessed is based around festive candy.

This Kids Gingerbread House Craft are simple to make! Choose one of our free gingerbread house templates to make a 3D paper gingerbread house

How to Download Your Gingerbread House Templates

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