Kitchen Chalk Board Wall 2

I am a great fan of affirmations and inspiration quotes and sayings and have been looking for a way to display some of these in my home.

I spend a lot of my time in the kitchen, cooking, eating breakfast, washing the pots, putting the washer on, sitting and chatting to friends. So was ideally looking for something to use in the kitchen. I also wanted to be able to update the words as and when I needed to. MadDad came up with the idea of a chalkboard after me and MaxiMad painted the playhouse.

Never one to sit on my laurels I set too yesterday. We marked out the area with masking tape and then I applied the first coat. Second coat when on yesterday evening and the final coat of paint at 6am this morning.

I have wrote two of my favorite and most appropriate quotes on to it and I love it. It fits the space perfectly.

And better still, so do the boys. I was busy preparing the curry this evening and turned round to see MiniMad chalking away.