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Did you know that UNIQLO sell Childrens clothes too?

I didn’t, not until they asked me to take part in the Family fashion challenge.



So I let the boys go online and pick what they wanted from the superb choice of boys clothes.  They both chose a Long sleeved T each, which at £7.90 each was great value.  The hoodies they chose were less than £13 each too and look fantastic and are spot on fit wise.  They also chose a pair of trousers ach too, which came out a little long, but look cool folded up.  I was really impressed with their choices and they have washed and wore well.  Mini’s trousers have a great stretch to them and are perfect for active children and have a full elasticated waist.  Maxi’s chino’s have an adjustable waist which is perfect for my bean pole.

I chose a couple of Celia Birtwell scarfs from UNIQLO, as the clothing doesn’t go up to my size unfortunately.  However, I love their scarfs and have a number of the Orla Kiely ones already and they are great to wear over the Autumn period.

What we loved:

  • Washed well and retained sizes and shape when dry
  • Great selection of colours and designs
  • Superb value
  • Good sizing and fit
  • Adjustable waist on some trousers and good level of elastication
  • Soft and comfortable to wear
  • Slightly kitsch – Mini loved his T had different coloured arms

The boys also tested out the Kensington Safe Grip case for Ipad.  You may remember in the past the boys have inadvertently dropped the Ipad and the screen shattered and had to be repaired, so a good case is essential for us.  The Safegrip case costs £40 and is certainly pretty rugged.   My boys at 7 and 8 no longer need this type of case, but it is perfect for younger children.  In fact my friend has a four year old and he found it much easier to use and hold the Ipad with this case and she has bought an Ipad for the family to use for Christmas, so this case will be going on it (especially as she has four children aged from 2 through to 9).

  • Tough, padded protection against drops and bumps
  • Built to survive the outdoors and children!
  • Protects screen against scratches and smudges
  • Handle for carrying, ideal for kids and prevents drops
  • Handle doubles as a stand
  • Built-in stylus holder at the rear
  • Preserves access to all ports
  • Protects iPad 2 through iPad 4

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