Label Love: Itemising When Moving

Labelling boxes may seem a little OCD to you more laid back, relaxed folk, but you may be surprised how handy they are. And when you can’t find your toothbrush the first morning you wake up in your new property you’ll wish you had marked the cardboard.

The boys

(image: Kandela)

Here’s how to create the perfect labelling system for your move:

Room by Room

Start off by labelling your boxes with what room they will need to be moved into. This will help distinguish what needs to be moved upstairs, and downstairs and often who is responsible for unpacking a certain set of boxes. These sticky labels should be large and clear to read – so best handwriting please!

Stay away from just initialling these labels as this can cause confusion. For example, a ‘B’ could mean bathroom or bedroom, and ‘S’ could mean study or shed. If need-be, colour code boxes with dot stickers.

What’s Inside?

Okay, so we’re not suggesting you write a huge list on the side of each box, just a general idea, for example, toys, linens and kitchen appliances. This will tell you which box contains what, helping you find items more quickly and prioritise which boxes you need to unpack first.

Make an Inventory

This is a large list of exactly what is in which box, how each container is labelled and which room it belongs to. These items can be ticked off when they are loaded onto the back of the removal truck and ticked again when they are unloaded. You may also like to number your inventory lists.

This way you can ensure nothing gets left behind or lost in transit, and if it does, you can tell your insurance company exactly what it was.

Mark as Fragile

Do you have items made of glass or china that are valuable but easily breakable? Then make sure to wrap them up well in a protective layer of bubble wrap and newspaper, and mark the boxes with big, bold letters stating ‘FRAGILE’, and ‘THIS WAY UP’.

This way movers can take extra care with these items ensuring they stay safe, secure and damage free.

Make an ‘Open First Box’

‘Open first boxes’ contain your day-to-day necessities, things that you will need as soon as you move in to your new property. These boxes could contain your work clothes, children’s lunchboxes or something as simple as the kettle.

Making an ‘open first box’ can save you a lot of time trawling through your inventory list and hunting for that much needed box.

Where Do I Get Labels?

Labels can be picked up in most DIY stores, stationary shops and supermarkets. Or you could always make your own if you have a printer and software like Microsoft Publisher or Word.

If stickers aren’t for you, then grab a marker pen. It doesn’t matter how you mark the boxes up – just do it! And remember, next time you are looking for home removal companies, who gave you this fab advice.