Leaf Free Summer Salad – Royal Jewel Salad

I am a lover of salad, but the same could not have always been said about my boys, well that isn’t necessarily true; it is leaves that they have had an issue with in the past.  So in honour of the Jubilee I present to you my leaf free royal jewel salad featuring Apetina, which really complements the rice with its slightly salty taste and crumbly texture.



·         Apetina cheese

·         Rice

·         Peppers (Red) – chopped

·         Small tin of sweetcorn

·         Sugar snap peas

·         Dressing of your choice (Nasi Goreng)

·         Poached egg to top (Optional)


1.       Cook and cool the rice according to the packet instructions.  When cooling rice I tend to add to ice water and then drain.

2.       Cook the sugar snap peas and garden peas and cool (again I add to iced water).

3.       Add all the ingredients to the rice and mix.

4.       I finish off with a poached egg on top and serve, but this is optional and the salad can be prepared the morning of an event and popped in the fridge until required.



This is such a versatile leaf free salad and it is perfect for using up any vegetables you have. The key is to keep it colourful. Chopped tomatoes, avocado and broad beans, spring onion and red onion will add a bite and a tin of mixed beans will be transformed by adding it to the rice and vegetables.  If you are not keen on poached eggs then why not add hard boiled eggs to the salad or even chicken if you want it to have some meat.


I am entering my Apetina recipe in their summer salad challenge and would love for you to vote for me on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/apetina. Visitors who like the Facebook page and vote for their favourite salad will be entered into a prize draw, for a picnic hamper (basket, with salad bowl and servers, plus dressing bottle) and in the final week prize will be a BBQ.

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