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Learning how to drive more efficiently

Recently we were invited as a family by Shell to an event at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester to discuss ways to save money (yes save money) whilst driving.  As a family Fuel is one of our largest monthly outgoings and one that living rurally as we do, we have to spend, so finding a way to say without cutting down our mileage was really interesting.

We learned all about why Shell FuelSave works and saves money from the fab Joanne Smith who is a Shell Scientist and Boffin, but she explained it in terms I could remember from school.  Shell FuelSave Regular Unleaded and Diesel could save you one litre of fuel per fill up and with additional changes you could make savings of up to 20% of your fuel costs a year.  I also had a driving master class from Quentin Wilson, which was interesting, especially after MadDad told him that I drive a car like I have stole it!

So my top tips for reducing your fuel consumption.

    • Do not use your car as storage, make sure you are not carrying lots of unnecessary things in the boot.
    • Do not use your air-conditioning.
    • Keep your windows closed, this makes the car more streamlined.
    • Do not leave a roof rack on for lomnger than necessary as this could add upto 5% to your fuel consumption.
    • Make sure your fuel cap is on correctly to prevent fuel evaporation.
    • Drive as smooth as possible in as high a gear as possible.  Try not to brake excessivly.
    • Use cruise control and aboid driving at high speeds.  Try to maintain your speed to keep momentum.
    • Check your tyres are correctly inflated.
    • Turn off your engine if you are going to be idling for more than 10 seconds.
    • Use the correct oil for your engine and make sure your car is regularly serviced.

Disclosure: We were invited to the event and provided with a free lunch



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