Learning to take a step back and not push my ideas 3

I often find that I impose my idea for finished projects on  the boys when it comes to crafting and art with them.  This is one of the biggest reasons I stopped posting tutorials on the blog of craft and art projects we had done as they often had their own interpretation of the finished product, which often didn’t exactly match mine (well what did I expect they were 30 odd years younger than me)!

window art post it notes

Throughout 2013 we have been working with 3m super sticky post it notes to produce art work and our summer manifesto, which is still stuck to the door as 3M Post-it Super Sticky Notes have an enhanced adhesive, which holds stronger and longer to a multitude of surfaces.  This time they asked us to produce a fabulous window scene.  Me and the minimads had a chat about what they wanted to do and if they wanted me to help.  The result was an Autumn scene and a rainbow and NO they wanted to do it all on their own.

So I sat on my hands, which was blooming hard to do and gave them the post it notes, scissors and some window crayons and left them to it.  The result is the below art work, which is amazing and delights me.  They worked together to produce this on our french doors between the dining room and the conservatory.  Me and MadDad thoroughly enjoyed sitting and watching whilst they explained what they were doing and why and the discussion soon lead to why trees leaves change colours over the Autumn and how rainbows are just refracted light through the rain water.

post it Collage

3M have just launched Post-It Notes Colour Cubes which have many more bright and lovely colours.  Why not check out Post-It UK Facebook Page for more information on the new range of Post-It Notes and see other peoples pictures too.