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Learning through play, is there any other way when children are small?  For me the answer would be a resounding no.  My boys love to play and whats more I love to play with them.

Throughout their lives I have been keen to encourage independent play.  Here they are counting their pennies in their jar.  I didn’t ask them to do this, but they both love money and they love counting.  So we talked about how many pence in a pound, the different shapes and sizes on money and also the fact that the queen was on all coins.  We then used the coins like tiddliwinks.  For me this was a fun hour of play, which was driven by them and all I did was answer their questions and joined in their games.

As a family we love board games and have a weekly family game night, where choose a game to play and just enjoy each others company, but the boys are learning through playing these games.  They learn numbers on the die, they use their counting skills to move places, their reading skills to check the instructions or read any cards involved and also their creativity depending on the game we choose.

There are some great mummy blogs which focus on play including Nurturestore, Playing by the book, Red Ted Art, Thinly Spread and BabyBudgeting to name just a few.

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10 thoughts on “Learning through play

  • Becky Goddard-Hill

    I think the key is in what you say jen…you love to play with them.It makes all the difference in the world…children likeds ome to share ideas with, build with, talk too and encourage them that’s often why if no ‘prson’ is around they like electronic stuff that talks to them. You are a key part of why your kids play so enthusiastically Thanks for featuring my blog .

  • Wendy

    one of the first things I learnt in my nursery nurse training way back in 1969. Pity schools went through a period recently when they tried to take a lot of the play out. Too much of children’s play is structured independent play teaches so many skills.

    Great picture

  • maggy, red ted art

    Aaaah great post and totally agree! Red Ted learnt the 1st letters for his, Pip Squeaks and “Opapas” name, whilst we were making cookies – he took an interested and we explored some more… we only ever do letters he wants to learn more about – so he has fun!

    Thanks for the reference to Red Ted Art too! Much appreciated!


  • Zoe

    I have to admit when my first daughter arrived I had no idea how to play with her – there was plenty advice on how to do all the “technical” stuff of looking after a baby, but the playing part – I just didn’t know what to do. I suppose I’m writing this to say that sometimes play doesn’t come easily to everyone and it’s something that can be encouraged (in parents as well as children) and fostered. I think structured play has a role as it can hep provide kids with the tools they need for unstructured/independent play. Books provide us with a lot of that structure or framework – and I hope that 6 years into parenting I’m now a lot better at playing!

    • admin

      @Zoe: I too understand that play doesnt come easy to all, which was why I pointed people in direction of yout blog, as it has some fantastic ideas based on the books that you share. I think as the chilren get older, the more I want to play with them

  • Mari

    At first glance I thought they were distilling alcohol! 😀
    There is nothing I like more than watching the girls learn through play, such a time waster but so rewarding. My favourite pastime.
    I’m heading over to TOTS 100….

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