Learning to FLY

I am an avid follower of Flylady – it is a great routine, which means that the housework should never pile up and that spring cleaning should never need to be done.

It lets you build up new habits and also develope routines that suit you and your family. Over the last two years flylady has been a godsend. It helped me come out of my PND and also meant that when I was in hospital MadDad and other family knew what needed doing and when it needed doing.

It also means that I have time to concentrate on being with the MiniMads and that they understand that the house needs cleaning and help out. Both have their own feather dusters and pinny’s and help with the polishing, wiping, tiding etc. They put their clothes in the wash basket, they get the next days clothes out and put them in their designated place too.

We felt that it was important that the boys understood how the house run and take responsibility to help out. I want them to grow up being able to look after them self and a house, to be able to load a washing machine and iron. I want them to be able to be an equal partner to the person they fall in love with.

MadDad and myself have a nice division of labour, both concentrating on the things we do best – he does all the nasty jobs, the cat litter, the bins and dishwasher on a morning!!!

He understands that I like things to have a place and that I NEED to have the bedclothes all nice and tidy and the duvet right upto the edges of the duvet cover and when I came out of hospital he made sure that they were perfect for me.

I think that what makes our relationship work, concentrating on the things that we can do for each other that take no doing, understanding our little peculiarities and in fact loving each other because of them.