Learning to Set the Table 19

Manners, I like manners.  In fact I think that the boys can get away with most things, if they say please, thank you and have table manners.
We are teaching the boys to help around the house, well they have been since they could walk really and lately they have been trying to set the table, but their constant “I cant remember which side the fork goes on mummy” has been driving me crackers, especially as I am in the kitchen preparing the dinner.
So I put my thinking cap on and came up with these…….

My first attempt at free form sewing.  I used some fabric I already had in for the mats, lined with some towel and then cut up a plain tea towel and sewed it on, so the boys now know where everything goes.
 I shouldn’t have to ever set the table again or tell them why anything goes.  

I am contemplating more of these and might even sell some to make some pocket money to enable me to buy more fabric.  What do you think?  Would you buy one?  If so how much would you be willing to pay?


19 thoughts on “Learning to Set the Table

  • bekimarie

    Fantastic, love them and I love the fabric you've used too.
    You could definately sell these!
    Well done you

    Beki xxx

  • Sara Williams

    What a brilliant idea!!! I think you should look at patenting it and selling them en masse! My child is autistic and trying to teach him how to do things is hard, something like that would really help. I am no good at sewing but I may do something using paper and my laminator. Well done you!

  • mutteringsfromthemoor

    I think these are quite beautiful! You should definitely sell some on Misi or Etsy. Putting a price on it is hard though as you need to factor in your time and materials, but you don't want to overprice them and put people off. I would have a look on those sites at other things like handmade bibs, aprons, napkins etc and see how much they sell for. And maybe you could do a single price, but make them slightly cheaper if people buy more than one. Depends how many kids they have I suppose! Bloody brilliant idea though, well done!

    Have emailed you my address by the way. xx

  • turtleturtleturtle

    How snazzy!
    They put my trousers to shame – if they ever get finished!
    As for pricing, I have no idea. Checking out what similar items go for sounds like a good idea though.

  • Life through the Slim Lens

    Fantastic idea. Why did I never think of that?! Monster is very good at helping with lots of things now but far far away from putting cutlery on the table in the right place – I'm lucky if they don't just get thrown on!

    I'd definitely buy one :O)

  • Floss

    Just a great idea! I would't buy them NOW, because everyone in our family has older children, but back in the day, I would have spent more than five pounds but less than ten on one. That's not to say they're only worth that, it's just that we've always been short of cash! I don't know if that helps you, but I suggest you go for it, because these are innovative as well as fun.

  • Sandy Calico

    What a brilliant idea and so well executed. I love them. Not sure how much you could charge (probably £5 to £10)? I bet there'd be a market for them. I'd buy a couple 🙂

  • pinkmilkisyummy

    What a great idea! I might also have a go with a laminator – LittleSquishy is VERY messy, so we need to have something that wipes clean easily, otherwise we're stuck with red stains (I use a lot of tomato puree in my cooking!).

  • Hayley

    Thats a fantastic idea! my lil man likes to set the table but it normally involves him chucking it all on, he'd love that to be able to follow! Such an excellent idea! Hope your proud of yourself 😀

  • planb

    That's a genius idea! I love them…. Think the suggested pricing is about right – but also it depends on how much they cost you to make. Don't undercut yourself! You may find that the market at the top end is smaller, but if you're making more money that's ok…. If you do try selling them, remember to put them on the BMB craft market – or post something on there for some more feedback. Good luck!

  • bad penny

    Jen you go from strength to strength – this is great ! Maybe Jess at 17 could do with one as she is left handed – so lays accordingly !

    I am SO HOT on table manners – I feel if they learn this respect at home it will take them a long way in life. I really mean it ! My kids groan but they do see why I nag !!!

  • Michelle

    They look fab and yes I would buy them. Not too flush but £5ish is affordable. Would it be worth your while at that price? Mich x

  • Ali

    That is a stunningly wonderful idea! I am terrible at pricing (and frequently shocked at how little people charge for their hard work) so I'm not one to ask – do your research on Folksy or Etsy and remember it is easier to drop your price than raise it.

  • Very Bored in Catalunya

    What a fab idea, one that I am going to steal now I have my new shiny sewing machine to play with.

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