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Leather lace-on shoe mustaches

I am a converse girl, have been since school and just because I am the wrong side of forty doesn’t mean that I am going to stop wearing them!

lace on leather mustache for soes

I have been doing projects with my Cricut Explore and have been thinking about what I could do with leather when I had a POW moment and decided to make some leather lace-on shoe mustaches for me and the minimads.

 Cutting leather on the Cricut Explore

I uploaded an image of a moustache and inserted two circles, which I resized to 0.2 inches and then placed them when I wanted the holes for the laces to be and welded them to that place, but clicking on all the images.


The Cricut Explore is proving to be a ninja cutting machine and has managed with everything I have thrown at it so far and this was no exception.  I set selected the cutting material in the menu and changed the dial to custom.

I used a deep cutting blade and the leather cut really easily as you can see from the video.

Leather lace-on shoe mustaches

Shoe mustaches mini

I am really pleased as to how these turned out and would be as simple to make with just a stencil and scissors.


      1. Leather (I got a scrap pack from Ebay)
      2. Crop a dile (I have this kit – Crop-A-Dile Punch Kit)
      3. Eyelets

shoe moustache collage

I used the Cricut Explore to cut the leather and the holes and then added an eyelet to them with the crop a dile to finish them off.

I am really pleased with them and even more so is Mini.

Minis show tashes


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