16 Leftover turkey recipes that the whole family will love 13

We love turkey here in The Mad House and every Christmas we are gifted a Turkey Crown by one of MadDad’s clients for our Christmas dinner.  Being the frugal sort, nothing here goes to waste, so here are some fantastic turkey recipes that the whole family will love.

16 Leftover turkey recipes that the whole family will love

You can often substitute turkey for chicken in a recipe and I do that with our soupy stew.  I always pop the carcass of the turkey and any skin etc in to the slow cooker and cover with hot water and cook on low overnight.  It makes the most delicious stock and is perfect for soups and stews.   I have to say that I am all about recipes being for the whole family and hate cooking more than one meal, so these leftover turkey recipes are suitable for all the family.

16 Family Friendly Leftover turkey recipes

Leftover turkey recipes

I love the sound of these turkey spring rolls with cranberry dipping sauce from The Crazy Kitchen,  These would be a real crowd pleaser and perfect for kids who love finger food and dipping.  A major bonus being they use up things that you will have on hand.

Turkey and ham pies are also a big hit in my home and these filo topped turkey and ham pies from Fuss Free Flavours are fast and delicious.  They use leftovers and store cupboard staples, so perfect for when you do not want to leave the house.

We love risotto, but over the holidays I don’t want to be standing over the stove, so this Turkey, Chestnut, Bacon & Prosecco Oven-Baked Risotto from Casa Costello is just the ticket.  With just five minutes prep time, it leaves me free to play a board game with the boys.

Leftover turkey recipes

Is Taco Tuesday a thing in your house?  Well my boys love food they can eat with their hands and these Turkey Tacos sound delicious with a cranberry salsa.

This turkey meatball recipe is great if you have a really large bird and have to take the legs off prior to cooking.  Just chop up the meat and make these.  Kids love meatballs and this recipe from In The Playroom  is simple, filling and delicious and even better is perfect for getting the kids involved in cooking.

Italian rice with turkey is sure to be a family pleaser.  This recipe from Life, Ninja Killer Cat and Everything Else calls for uncooked turnkey, but simply substitute that for cooked turkey and you will be fine.

Replace chicken with turkey for this comforting chicken soup and you will have a delicious bowl of goodness. I love the addition of greens by Cherished by me, which makes it a fab source of iron.

Now lasagne is always a hit in our house and I have never thought of using turkey, but this turkey and bacon lasagne from The Mini’s and Me looks delicious.

Leftover turkey recipes

Chilli is one of our favorite dishes and this Leftover turkey chili from Simply food is amazing.  It shows you just how simple a chilli can be without the need for a jar of sauce.   I will also be trying this super cornbread recipe to accompany any chili we make this festive season.

Even the pickiest kids love pizza, so this fab turkey pizza from Utterly Scrummy Food for families will be loved by everyone.  You really need to bookmark this site for fab affordable family food.

Fajitas are always a fun and social dinner.  I love putting everything on the table and watching everyone help themselves.  This foil method for turkey fajitas is great and saves on washing up and you can substitute the fresh turkey for leftovers

Leftover turkey recipes

This Leftover quick turkey naan pizza recipe is perfect for people who don’t want to make a pizza base and would make a great fast lunch or supper.

This turkey casserole from MomDot looks delicious and if you don’t have any stuffing leftover, then topping with mashed potato and cheese – yummmmm

This scrumptious turkey pie from Fab Food For All would make an amazing centerpiece if you have people round and use up some of the leftovers in the house.  Your guests would be drooling at this amazing pie.

I think every family has their own special curry recipe (we call ours fridge bottom curry), but I love the sound of this turkey and sweet potato curry from Diary of a Frugal Family.   My tip for encouraging kids to eat curry is to serve it with coconut yogurt so they can cool theirs and we love making our own naan breads

16 Leftover turkey recipes that the whole family will love. 16 Family friendly leftover turkey recipes. Make sure you make the most of your turkey leftovers with these recipes the whole family will adore

Do you have any favorite Leftover turkey recipes?  Please do leave the recipe in the comments or a link to it.

16 Leftover turkey recipes that the whole family will love