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Let me introduce you to decay the next skylander!




Skylanders, I am sure that if you have children then they have not escaped you.

The thing is I am a bit of a sticker when it comes to toys and I refused to let the boys have Skylanders when they first came out.  I had concerns.  I was worried that they would want all of them and it would be out of my price range, especially as we are early adopters.  So I said no.

And I have kept saying no.  But the boys love them and want them.  They have played on Skylanders with Master Frugal and I am coming to realise that they will not need them all as they can share and swap with friends.  Plus all their friends have them and they love to talk about them.

However, we have a rule at christmas, they are only allowed to ask for four things and as they both really want bikes, Skylanders are out of our price range   But thankfully the Tots100 might be able t come to our rescue with their great Skylanders competition.

So this is Decay.  He is a magic Skylander with his candy cane light saber which shoots sweets at you and tricks you in to getting bad teeth!