Let me introduce you to my Great God Daughter 13

My wonderful God Daughter, well she is the boys God Sister, her mum and dad are the boys Godparents and I was their bridesmaid (are you confused yet?) had a little baby girl on 27 October 2010.

Now due to the fact that she ended up with a c-section and then it was far too snowy to travel and then with mum dying and her great grandma dying too, I haven’t had the chance to meet her until this week.

So let me introduce you to the adorable Megan Alice…….

There is something so comforting in holding a new life after losing someone close.  You can see all their potential and all the possibilities that they may have before them.

Now what do you buy for the most adorable baby girl, well having had two boys I am not really sure, so I have been looking at www.very.co.uk and trying not to fall for all the frilly pink stuff!

I found this Elle Baby set in their sale half price at £22.50, which would look geotgous on her.

I was actually pretty impressed with their selection, so wny not visit Very.co.uk for more baby clothes

13 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to my Great God Daughter

  • Gemma

    She is adorable!!! So beautiful 🙂

    Love love love that outfit too, I buy things from Very so I’m already ‘sold’ with them.

    New life, new beginnings.

    I hope you are doing okay today, love to you all xxx

  • Swanbythelakeside

    Your CommentsI have a new little niece to buy a present for! I was taken by the butterfly outfit on Very – and didn’t realize how much there was in stock..

    P.S. looking back at having a little girl, I liked things with legs for newborns rather than dresses (six months was better for dresses) and as you say not too frilly as they are asleep or wrapped up so much of the time so no time to see the frills! Little woolly cardigans, cotton or wool with buttons were the most useful things, and decorative too. No zips – I think I never liked thought of zips digging into newborn baby’s neck when asleep. Although fine later.

  • Milla

    Your Comments that baby is Very Sweet! and she’s really looking right at you. It’s funny, that stage seems to last forever when you’re going through and now seems a distant land.
    Hope you’re doing OK…

  • @jencull

    She really is fabulous and that little outfit you are thinking of getting will be gorgeous on her 🙂 Jen

  • karen jones

    oh she is so beautiful and I am sure it must have been such a comfort to hold her.
    Really pinged that you went to another store for a gift for her though ! I would have given you a massive discount for a gorgeous little something for her xx
    massive hugs missus xxx

  • hpretty

    Be careful, as a mother of 2 boys i know only too well the fluffy, frilly pink obsessional path you can find yourself going down ;<)


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