Lets cut the mum-bashing 23

The news and Internet is filled with this is the best way to parent and this is the best way to be a mum and in my experience often it is other woman, other mothers who are hardest and most judgemental of all.

Why is this?  I have come to the conclusion (and I am not saying that it is right) is that they are feeling insecure themselves over their own decisions and feel the need to vindicate themselves often by judging other peoples decisions.

It needs to stop right here, right now.  We need to start supporting other woman, other mothers, we need to take time out to think about why they have made their decision and what are their motivations and stop imposing our thoughts and lifestyles on to other people.

So what if I decided to be a stay at home mum for the first 5 years of my boys life, that was my choice, my sacrifices that were made and ultimately my decision, I am not asking you to agree, but you don’t have to judge me for it.

The same goes for working mums, we do what we do to keep ourselves and our families sane.  It might not be right for everyone, but I for one am glad that it isn’t.  What would the world be like if we all did the same things for the same reasons.

Life is tough, it is hard and there are plenty of hurdles that we have to clear without adding to them with this I am better than you or you are not doing the best by your child by doing that.

So who is with me, lets start supporting other mothers, rather than being judgemental.