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I have an admission to make.  Maxi was my PFB (Perfect First Born) when it came to food.  Nothing processed or shop bought passed his lips until he went in to hospital at 6 months and even then we were soon back on to the mummy made stuff.  When Mini was born it was more of the same.  I used to beat myself up to produce a family meal that would feed us all.  I had sleepless nights over the amount of salt in food and would get all paniccy at the thought of someone giving either of the boys something processed.

However, I am pleased to say I got over it!  I am also pleased to see that food companies like Dairylea are taking notice of parents and have changed their ingredients so that they are all natural.

I want to share with you a video (featuring the Minimads of course, from our day with Dairylea at at Surrey Docks City Farm, with Jo, Pippa,  Sally,Chrissie and Alex.

Dairylea are  also running a promotion on its Facebook page where you can reclaim the cost of a packet of new Dairylea, giving you the chance to try it for free (the boys still do not like it), but I love it!

One thought on “Let’s Make Dairylea

  • Cara

    Isn’t it funny, but my kids aren’t so fussed on Dairylea either, but I LOVE it. It’s also the best thing to use to get crafty dogs to eat a worming tablet. Our beagle used to chew all around a chunk of cheese and spit the tablet out, but you can’t do that with Dairylea.

    We have to keep a supply of Dairylea in too, as my friend’s little boy will eat nothing but Dairylea butties when he visits. At parties he has his own plate made up with his name on. Nice to know that the ingredients of DL are now even healthier.

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