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LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children

LGBTQ books for Kids under seven

Your children are never too young to introduce these LGBTQ books for Kids. Representation is so important.

It not only invites those who identify as LGBTQ an opportunity to be represented – including those who have LGBTQ parents – but it teaches others about inclusivity and acceptance. So I asked my friend Kate from Lesbemums to help me compile a list of diverse books that are perfect for introducing to your children. So over to Kate……

LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children

In my opinion, the best way to teach this is through reading. From the moment your child is born books are there. They’re the last thing they see before they go to sleep and they’re often a calming method. But, imagine reading books where every story shows a family repeatedly different from yours. It can become quite isolating when it should be inclusive to all. This is where LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children come in.

A Fabulous selection of diverse LGBTQ-friendly books for young children to help teach children about inclusivity and acceptance.

LGBTQ books for Young Children

Nowadays, books are becoming much more diverse. Books like Julian is a Mermaid (UK Link/US Link)- a book about a gender-questioning child and his journey to becoming a mermaid – has won several prestigious awards over the past few years, however, it wasn’t always like that. The first-ever children’s book that featured LGBTQ people – Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin – was only published in 1981!

LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children Julian is a mermaid

With the recent introduction of the ‘No Outsiders’ project, seen primarily in Birmingham but eventually leading to changes in RSHE (Relationships, Sex, and Health Education) in schools, there are now endless resources to find and read about diverse families and people.

LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children

Here are a few of our favourites and must-have LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children:

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And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson & Peter Parnell
LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children - and tango makes three

A love story based on real-life Penguins Rory and Silo and their journey to becoming fathers in a Zoo in New York. (UK Link/US Link)

I am Jazz by Jessica Hershel
 I am Jazz

Jazz is a girl in a boy’s body and always knew it.

Another book based on real-life events, telling the story about being transgender and teaching readers about identity. (UK Link/US Link)

This Day in June by Gayle E. Pitman
LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children This Day on June

This Day In June welcomes readers to experience a pride celebration and share a day when we are all united and equal. (UK Link/US Link)

King and King / King & King and Family by Linda De Haan
LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children King and King

The Queen wants Prince Lee to marry, but when courting begins the result isn’t quite how they expected. (UK Link/US Link)

The sequel to this book *spoiler* see’s Kings Lee & Bertie go through the journey of adoption.

Heather Has Two Mummies by Leslea Newman
Heather has two mummies

When the class have to draw family portraits one day it becomes evident very quickly that not one single family are the same.

This story is a wonderful introduction to the way same sex families are no different to anyone else and that we all love each other the same way. (UK Link/US Link)

Not Yet a Yeti by Lou Treleaven & Tony Neal
books for Young Children Not a yeti

Although not directly an LGBTQ book, this is a beautifully illustrated introduction to challenging gender stereotypes. (UK Link/US Link)

The Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman
friendly books for Young Children

If you have a family, it’ll be in this book. This is a wholesome book showing the reader every type of family there is. From children with 6 brothers and step-sisters, to in-laws, and ones with a menagerie of pets! (UK Link/US Link)

10,000 Dresses by Marcus Ewert
LGBTQ-friendly books for Young Children - 10000 dresses

Until Bailey met Laurel, no one wanted to hear about his dreams about beautiful dresses.

This is a wonderful story about gender stereotypes and becoming the person you are. (UK Link/US Link)

Daddy, Papa, and Me / Mummy, Mama, and Me by Leslea Newman
 daddy, pappa and me

A simple story about two dads / two mums and the things that they like to do as a family, with rhymes and cute illustrations along the way.

A gorgeous little board book. (UK Link/US Link)

Spacegirl Pukes by Katy Watson
Spacegirl Pukes

Just as Spacegirl is about to go on an important mission to space she falls victim to a stomach bug.

This fun book is one of the few books that feature a same sex family without making it an integral part of the story. (UK Link/US Link)

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