Life is Full of Surprises

Life is Full of Surprises is a paid collaborative post.

Sometimes you can be going along in life, and everything gets turned topsy-turvy. The reason I started my blog was to keep a record of our lives after a health scare. But I’m not the only one who gets surprised by what life throws at you. I want to share my friends story with you. I’ll call her Annie. Like a lot of us in this community, she wanted to be present with her children as they grew. She also needed to contribute to her family’s well-being.

It’s hard to find a job flexible enough to raise kids

Annie had a great job that she loved. But after her two children, she and her husband knew that her work schedule was too much for them to juggle. They figured out the best choice for their family was for her to take a career break. But as expenses started to stack up, she considered different solutions for flexible work. She made a decision that turned out to be great for her family but got a different reaction from friends and family than expected.  

Her journey was different than she thought

It’s hard to find a good job, much less one that allows you to subsidise school loans, buy a car, or invest in your children’s college funds. Annie found one with ConceiveAbilities that was flexible, lucrative, and where she was proud to offer something special. Even better, this job allowed her to stay home and be available to her kids.

Annie decided to become a surrogate

Gestational surrogates get to share the incomparable gift of parenthood with those who are unable. Surrogates accept that pregnancy can be at least inconvenient and at worst possibly have life-threatening complications. But what surprised Annie was that some of her friends initially reacted strangely to her choice. Although adoption is widely accepted in society, Annie discovered that some people around her didn’t understand her decision.

Surrogacy is incredibly rewarding

It took a while for Annie’s friends to realize that carrying a child to help a couple become a family was a beautiful experience. Although it’s not for everyone, Annie loved the personal connection she developed with the baby and the intended parents and was thrilled to help them. It wasn’t a sacrifice to her; it was a gift and a way to make a difference in the world.

Social pushback isn’t unusual

For such a personal decision, surrogates must consider that pregnancy also impacts those around them. Your extended family and friends may have questions or raise concerns. It’s important that surrogates have a supportive network so they can have an emotionally successful pregnancy. It’s always best for a household to be peaceful and safe for the health of the surrogate and baby.


I know I’m grateful for each day I get to spend with my kids, and I’m confident enough to say that Annie probably feels the same way. Her friends eventually came around to respect and admire Annie’s choice. I hope that society will follow suit and become more accepting and supportive of the unsung heroes who are willing to help a couple become a family.

This is a paid collaborative post.