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Listography – Mugs and Cups

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am a tea monster.  I am obsessed with tea and all that comes with it, which means I have lots of teapots, as I use real tea and a lovely selection of mugs and cups.  So I couldnt let this weeks listography pass me by.

Now I am rather lucky to be married to a fabulous man who brings me a cup of tea every morning in bed before he goes to work and as I am usually still asleep at 6.30am, he brings it in a travel mug, a) so it stays warm and b) so it doesn’t spill if the boys knock it.

My next drink of the day is usually English Breakfast Tea (decaffeinated, as I am like the Duracell Bunny on E with caffeine now, I initially dropped caffeine to aid the absorption of iron).  I always use tea leaves so make a pot and then drink it in this lovely extra large tea cup and saucer which was my mums.

After I eat I prefer to have a peppermint tea and love it made from fresh leaves or failing that teapigs lose leave peppermint and I make it in my fab boden cup, which not only has an infuser, but also is insulated to keep things warm whilst it infuses.

When I have tea in the afternoon and evening, I like it out of the Emma Bridgewater Mug that I decorated when visiting her factory on a blog trip a couple of years ago.  We all decorated our own and they are in regular use each day.

Finally, I love a hot chocolate or a chai latte and the boys bought me a Big Love Emma Bridgewater Hot chocolate mug for my birthday and it is the perfect size for a large drink.

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