The Little Things – Make it Matter Day 5

According to a recent survey by Marks and Spencer 96% of us feel we spend life on autopilot making at least 15 autopilot decisions a day.  So they have introduced Make it Matter Day, a national day to help the UK focus on what matters most in life.

I have been working with Marks and Spencers over the last few weeks to highlight Make it Matter Day and share the ways we have been trying to #SpendItWell.  I have learned through my life’s experiences that it is really important to recognise the small stuff that makes things better.  Things like fresh bedding!

**FRESH BEDDING** Is there anything better than slipping in between freshly laundered bedding?  Well apart from sharing it with the one you love? I am a total sucker for clean bedding and a big fat mug of tea. This month I’m working with the @marksandspencer who discovered 81% of us think it’s the small things that brighten up everyday life.  They want to encourage us to stop living life on autopilot and embrace the little things.  I have to say I love their advert and have already decided that I am no longer going to keep things for best. I have to admit that it really is the small things that I love such as tea, tea and more tea (loose leaf with a splash of milk if you are asking), peonies (I am yet to get my first bunch of the season), stationery, washi tape and mugs (does anyone else have a thing where they have mugs and cups for certain drinks at certain times of the day? – no!  Just me that is

weird then). I am also partial to a nice bath and a good book!  What are your small things that make you happy?  #SpendItWell #ad

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Visits to the beach with those I love

**THE BEACH** There is something magical about the seaside.  The feel of sand between your toes, the freshness of the sea breeze, the sound of the waves, ice creams, sandcastles and don’t get me started about fish and chips!  The way the vinegar takes your breath away when you add it to your chips.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  We are so lucky to live beside the sea and on Sunday we turned off the tech and went to the beach and Liam from @Life_is_crawsome came and took some photos of us.  I love photographs and have them all over the house, but I am usually the one behind the lens.  This month I’m working with the @marksandspencer as they are launch Make It Matter Day on 1st June. It’s a day for everyone to take time to focus on what matters most to them and to make little everyday choices that help us do more of what really matter  #SpendItWell #ad  I can tell you that ditching the usual Sunday Roast and opting for fish and chips (with mushy peas and tartar sauce) was a top choice.  When was the last time you visited the beach?  Where is your favourite?

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And Cake – lots of cake!

*ACTS OF KINDNESS* After the shocking violence of this week, we made a decision as a family to fill the rest of the week with acts of kindness. 💛💙💜❤️💚 The boys are off to have their hair cut tonight, so I decided to whip up a batch of cakes and top them with our favourite Percy Pigs to share with our hairdresser and the people in her shop. They are not perfect, it is far too hot for perfect cakes! M&S is encouraging Brits to make the most of every moment, grab life by the horns and break out of living life on autopilot with their forthcoming Make it Matter day next week on June 1st. I think that it is so important to look for the little things that make a big difference, especially when the world feels like such a scary place.  I am hoping that these piggy cakes put a smile on people’s faces today.  What little thing has made you happy today?  #SpendItWell @marksandspencer #ad

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I love this campaign as it has really got me thinking about the little things that make a BIG difference.  We have already stopped keeping things for best.  So that china we got as a wedding gift has been used more in the last three weeks than the previous 23 years, same with the silver cutlery.   Those scented candles that I have been hoarding, well I have been burning them too.  If only I could manage the same with that drawer full of notebooks.

Break out of Auto Pilot

We do appreciate the value of small everyday pleasures, but we don’t often make time for nearly enough of them.  So how can we break out of autopilot and make the most of today?

  • Use your best cup, you know the one that you love looking at!
  • Stop and smell the flowers – I am a sucker for flowers, but do not tend to buy them very often as I think that I could spend that money elsewhere.  I have countered this over the last couple of weeks by buying plants instead.  They look great and I am hoping I develop green fingers so they last longer than cut flowers.
  • Use those cloth napkins that are languishing in the cupboard and light candles at dinner.
  • Turn off the TV and eat dinner at the table as a family or if you do that on a regular basis then grab a blanket and have a picnic.
  • If you do not normally wear make-up then pop some on for the day.
  • Have a go on that zip wire at the park with the kids.

A Family Holiday at Domain de Mathevies, Dordogne, France

We are on holiday this week with our besties and their four boys.  We are having a brilliant time and I am so much more aware of the small stuff that is making this holiday so good for everyone involved.

  • Children of all ages and gender playing football and cricket on the grass area outside our mobile home.
  • Lazy starts to the days with fresh croissants and tea.
  • The sound of the crickets at dusk and watching the stars as I relax on the veranda when the boys are asleep.
  • Family water fights.
  • French bread and cheese (need I say more)!
  • Laughter – lots of it mine and everyone else’s.
  • Being able to read a book from start to finish.
  • Diablos – Grenadine and Lemonade for the uninitiated.
  • Free wifi – essential with tweens and teens.
  • Icecreams.

I would love to know how what small changes you might make today to get out of autopilot.

Disclosure: I am working with Marks and Spencer in a paid relationship.