Lock up your razors – please 5

We have had a really horrible afternoon here in TheMadhouse, following what had been a good morning.  MadDad decided to do some DIY including changing a light fitting in the Study/Craft/Ironing room, which took far much longer than expected and we also put up a shelf in MiniMads room.
Well all was quiet, which is very unusual here, but we were busy, so carried on.  Big Mistake.  MiniMad had located my razor, which is away in a drawer and I dont think he has ever seen me use it to be honest, but that didn’t stop him creating carnage.
There was blood everywhere, he was screaming, MaxiMad was panicking.  In the end me and MadDad stripped him off and tried to located the source of the bleeding, by this time, all four of us were covered in blood, looking like something out of a Halloween party. 
We managed to find one cut on his leg, where he had tried to shave and a nasty slice at the end of his thumb, which was were most of the blood was coming from.
We cleaned his wound and then applied gauze and lots of pressure and made a dash to the A&E, where he was treated immediately.
He is fine now (yes even smiling and covered in I have been brave).  I am shaking from shock and have been sick twice.  But we coped very well.  I am so thankful that I did a paediatric first aid course when both the boys were small, it meant that I knew what to do and just acted before thinking.
So what I am asking is please, please, please ensure that your razors are out of reach.  Children are very inquisitive by nature and you never know what they might find.
Both of ours are now in a locked cabinet.  I am so thankful that it wasn’t to serious and no lasting damage was done (well I am not sure how long it will take my heart to recover).
Oh and bless him, he has just come in and given me one of his stickers for being a very brave mummy.

5 thoughts on “Lock up your razors – please

  • Sandy Calico

    I think you all deserve loads of stickers. I'm so glad there's no lasting damage, what a shock for you. Great advice too. Oh and Presley has those pyjamas, cute aren't they?! x

  • Karen

    He's a cutie isn't he? How awful for you all though, such a shock when something like that happens. He'll get over it in no time, it's just you and maddad that suffer!

  • bad penny

    I'm sure you were sick after that ! Jess aged one and a half came out of the bathroom with Roddy's razor in her mouth like a lolipop. She was actually fine. You can imagine the flack he got !!!!! You'll laugh about it later & giggle about it over meal times & embarrass MiniMad infront of his girlfriends ! xx

  • Tracy Thrower

    Bless him. I'm glad he's all ok and can imagine how it made you sick.

    Emma saw my hubby shaving when she was smaller and he didn't leave the razor out of her reach. She now has a scar on her chin where she tried to copy him 🙁

    Hugs to you xx

  • TheMadHouse

    It seems like this is quite a common thing for children to do, they so want to be like us, although I have never shaved my legs in front of him. Maybe MadDad has!!!!

    He is no worse the wear for his experiance and is healing well. Thank you for all your comments

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