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Lockdown 2020 Time Capsule Printable

I love this lockdown time capsule printable that my friends at Epson have produced. It is the perfect activity to do with the kids as a record of this unprecedented time in our lives. Yes, I work with Epson, but they have not asked me to share, but I think it is ace and a great way to record some family history.

Hopefully, this lockdown is going to be a once in a lifetime experience and will be long remembered in the history books, but you might want to record it with your children, especially as some will be too young to remember it themselves.


So whilst we are all safe at home why not get your kids to make a lockdown time capsule using Epson’s free printable workbook.

We are living at a very unique time in history, and one that your kids will probably reference throughout their lives.

These printables help your kids document this time.

A work book like this is a great way for your children to work through their feelings and emotions about how the lockdown. It will also help them feel positive and safe being at home.

The time capsule workbook is filled with pages that are fun to complete and includes a family interview.

Plus in years to come, it will be great fun to look back on and see how things were during this unprecedented time.

We are living at a very unique time in history and this Lockdown 2020 Time Capsule Printable is a great way to record it with your kids.

What to put in Lockdown 2020 Time Capsule

  • A letter to whoever opens your capsule or future you.
  • A newspaper clipping or print a news article from the Internet.
  • Drawings or photos that were done during lockdown.
  • Evidence of games or activities you did as a family.
  • Some diary entries.
  • A photo of you all on the doorstep.
  • A record of any special memories (for example: Clap for Carers).
  • Handprint tracing of everyone in the family
  • A 2020 dated coin.

** Download your free lockdown Time Capsule 2020 **

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