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London, A six year old’s view

I think it is very easy to forget what perspective you have on life when you are small.  So on our recent family trip to London we gave Maxi, who is six a Kodak Easyshare Touch camera to use. So this is London from a six year olds view.


This is just a selection of the pictures he took, none of them have been processed or cropped, they are just as he shot them and I think they are great.  The first selection are all taken from around the City area of London, which we waled though on friday 24 Jne before heading out to Spittafields and Mini’s Birthday meal at Giraffe Cafe.  Both the boys loved the fact that there were so many tall buildings and you can really see just how tall they felt to them from the images.


I love the next selection for the bountiful blue sky, not a cloud to be seen.  Amazing really.  This is what Maxi sore as we were on the embankment area.  I have to also say I adore the one of Mini with the Flying Saucer in his mouth.  One of the fab things about the Kodak Easyshare touch is the fact that it has facial recognition and also a blur reduction feature, so is super easy to use.

Maxi really enjoyed being in charge of the camera for the weekend and I have really enjoyed looking through the photographs he took with him.  A unique perspective on a fantastic trip.

Disclosure: Thanks to Kodak for the Easyshare Camera (full review to follow)

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