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Low Spend or No Spend Bored Jar Activities – The Spring Edition

We have a “Bored Jar” and every so often I update it and as the Easter holidays and Spring are upon us I thought I would update it with a Spring theme.  So here are my Low Spend or No Spend Easter Holiday  and spring Activities

Ultimate Spring Bored Jar Activity list

  1. Plant some seeds
  2. Make button biscuits 
  3. Pick some flowers
  4. Make some pet rocks
  5. Make a volcano 
  6. Make a rain catcher
  7. Paint a rainbow
  8. Find pictures in the clouds
  9. Skip stones across a pond
  10. Use stones to record memories
  11. Go on a nature walk
  12. Make an unbirthday cake
  13. Make dream catchers
  14. Bird watch
  15. Make a spring wreath
  16. Visit the library
  17. Do some origami
  18. Spot a rainbow
  19. Make some paper flowers
  20. Make pompoms
  21. Cook asparagus
  22. Do some easter crafts
  23. Look for four-leaf clovers
  24. Make some scratch paper
  25. Make bunny bunting
  26. Make some thank you cards
  27. Make potato print wrapping paper
  28. Make button biscuits
  29. Wash the car
  30. Paint a picture of flowers
  31. Play hotscotch
  32. Make felted chicks
  33. Make a windsock
  34. Tell some joke
  35. Feed the ducks at a pond
  36. Play outdoor games with friends 
  37. Make some chic cards
  38. Make a pinwheels
  39. Blow bubbles
  40. Paint some plant pots 
  41. Make a loom bracelet
  42. Decorate some easter eggs
  43. Make some scratch paper
  44. put together a jigsaw
  45. Make fingerprint cards
  46. Make a bird feeder
  47. Go looking at tree blossom
  48. Make coke floats
  49. Fly a kite
  50. Make cupcakes

The ultimate Bored jar spring

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