Lucky Voice Online Karaoke Review 1


Karaoke love it or hate it?  For most people it is marmite.  In the Mad House we have decided that we love it, but only in the private of our own home and not enough to share with you guys online!

We had never tried Karaoke until Lucky Voice sent us Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit (£49.99) to review.  Lucky Voice Online Karaoke turns any computer (with internet access) into the ultimate karaoke machine.  You register at for a 14 day free trial which gives you access to their library of songs and you can have monthly access to 1000’s of songs for only £4.99 a month.

The Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit – which includes a microphone and mixer and connects to your computer  and the songs lyrics appear on your computer screen and the music and your voice are amplified though your computer speakers or other speakers you connect.

The thing is the boys have had great fun using the Lucky Voice, but will not let me video them, so thankfully the Frugal’s have helped me out!  It really is simple to use and fun for all, make sure you take a look at their post for more video clips.

Here’s how it works:

  • Connect the microphone mixer to your computer and speakers. Plug the microphone into the mixer
  • Log on to and use the voucher in your Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit to unlock the 31 day free trial. Then get singing from thousands of songs online
  • After your free month, keep singing for just £4.99 per month

 Will you use it:

The Frugal and us have had our machine for over a month now and I know that Miss Frugal has been using the machine at least every other day and she loves it.  My boys have not reached for it so much.  They tend to use it when we have friends round and it has been fun watching them all play together on it.