How to make cake case Christmas trees 17

Christmas is a great time for encouraging kids to get creative and a great way to do this is to present them with an #invitation to create.  These Christmas trees decorated with cake cases are so easy to make and can be adapted for kids of all ages.

paper christmas tree

How to make Cake case Christmas trees

cupcake case christmas tree

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tree materials

Don’t work if you don’t have a tree form, I have thought of that as we only had one, so developed a free tree form template printable for you to use.   First Maxi prepared all your cupcake liners by cutting out their base leaving just the concertina sides. If you have younger children this is something you can prep for them.

cupcake case tree assembly

My boys are getting really proficient with a Low Melt Glue gun and they used this t9 attach the cake cases to the free form.  For younger kids place the  Bostik Extra Strength Sticki Dots on the tree form, so the case cases will adhere and not slip like they would if you used PVA.  It doesn’t matter if the cases do not go all the way around the bottom of the tree form as you can glue on as many as is needed.

cupcake tree

Maxi kept layering the cake case sides all the way up the tree form until he reached the top.

cupcake tree decorating

He then used some of the accessories we had to decorate his trees.

tree form template

My boys are currently at that age where everything needs to be realistic, so even though I offered lots of festive cupcake cases, but they wouldn’t use them and green it had to be!