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One of our family traditions is homemade Christmas crackers.  For as long as I can remember we had small cracker presents on the dining table usually made by my mum.  They were precious things that were small and once I got older we each took a turn year on year to make the crackers and full them with cracker presents.

When sent me a couple of sheets of their amazing personalised Instagram wrapping paper I knew just what I wanted to make with them……. Christmas Crackers.

Make your own crackers

How to make Christmas Crackers


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  1. Wrap.Me wrapping paper (one sheet will make four 12 inch long crackers)
  2. Double Sided Tape
  3. Cracker Snaps
  4. Loom Bands (not essential)
  5. Ribbon or Ric Rac
  6. Toilet rolls or cardboard tubes
  7. Small gifts, joke and paper crown
crackers with diamonds cut out

Cut your paper to size, ours was 12 inches by 6 inches and to make shaping easier we cut out diamonds or rhomboids (as the minimads’ insist I call them) out of the paper like the template below.   Feel free to use this template for your crackers, just print it out to size and you are all set.

cracker template

Then we placed a strip of double sided tape on each side of the paper and wrapped it round the loo roll.

inside of cracker

We placed a cracker snap, sweets, joke (which I printed from Nurturestores 24 Christmas jokes) and paper hat in to the cardboard tube before  we pushed the cracker ends in and secured with a loom band.

cracker ends tying

Then we wrapped coordinating ric ric round to hide the loom bands.

tape the snap to the ends of the cracker

As our crackers were shorter than the length of the cracker snaps we used sticky tape to attach them to the side at each end before trimming them.

make your own christmas crackers

We had so much fun making these we plan on making a lot more for our Christmas Eve party.  We really love the whole concept of and it is just fantastic, but don’t just take our word for it, both Jane at Northern Mum and Tara at Sticky Fingers were sent some to (but they were not as creative as me with it!).  Also take a look at the fab Diary Cover that Kate from Crafts on Sea made (I wish we had enough paper left to do the same).    You can find Wrap me on Instagram and @wrapdotme on twitter

wrap me

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