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How to make a Football piñata or Soccer ball piñata

I have never made a piñata before, but when I saw the football piñata on Here comes the girls, I knew that I had to make one for Mini’s birthday party.  However when a dear friend thought that I planned letting my boys lose on a piñata with a stick she panicked!  However, it was never my intention to let them beat it with a stick, but to kick it like a real football.

Make your own football soccer ball piñata

How to make a football piñata

materials to make a football piñata


  • Beach ball or blow up ball (it needs to be as circular as possible if you plan on kicking it)
  • Newspaper
  • Glue (I used PVA mixed with water and flour)
  • White paint
  • Black paper or vinyl
  • Treats for the inside (we added whistles, stickers, chocolates, pens, pads and erasers)

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How to make a football piñata or a soccer ball piñata

It is advisable to allow yourself a week or so (depending on how many layers you want) to make the piñata, this allows it to dry in between layers so that you will not have to dry it in the oven like I did! 

Blow up your beach ball and tear newspaper into strips.  I used a beach ball as it will give it a rounder shape, but you can use a balloon.

Mix your PVA with flour and water and immerse a number of strips into the bowl.

Cover your ball in a layer of newspaper and allow to dry.

Repeat until you feel you have sufficient layers on your ball.  I did four and it lasted over two minutes.

Once it is dry slice it where the inflater is and just pull out the beachball, then add the goodies and reinforce again with some additional paper mache!

Cover with paper mache.

Once dry paint with white paint.  I used tempera paint thickened with powder paint, but acrylic would cover better.

Once dry you can either glue on hexagons cut from black paper.  I used my Cricut Explore to cut them out of black vinyl which stuck straight on.

how to make a football soccer ball piñata

The boys had the best time kicking the piñata and it lasted for at least two minutes before it gave way.  It was much safer kicking it that hitting it with a large stick.

football piñata

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