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How to make your garden kid-safe

Gardens are a great addition to the home; they allow kids to enjoy the outdoors and get valuable fresh air without being exposed to the dangers of the outside world. They are also a great way to introduce kids to the world of nature and perhaps even horticulture.

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Gardens however can be a dangerous place for kids if the right precautions are not taken. From the dangers of falling into ponds to harmful and poisonous plants there are many potential perils lurking in the garden environment. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your kids can enjoy your outside space without succumbing to any harm.

Keep them from wandering off

Firstly make sure that your garden is well-contained and secured. Ensure that fences and gates are properly maintained. Walls can present a hazard in themselves as older walls can begin to crumble and potentially collapse, so make sure to deal with any cracks that appear before they get out of hand.

If your garden has a hedge around it, check it for gaps throughout. You should also keep your borders trimmed to prevent sharp leaves or thorns from becoming entangled in your children’s clothes.

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Be aware of poisonous or harmful plants

Make sure that your children know good plants from bad ones and never allow them to eat any plant unless there is an adult supervising. As well as pointing out any poisonous plants it is also important to make your kids aware of any unsafe plants that may sting or prick them. Examples of which are rose bushes, holly and cactus plants and if you have young children it may be best to avoid these completely.

Keep your area tidy

It might sound obvious but you should never leave any tools lying around that your child may be tempted to play with. If you are using power tools make sure your children don’t play near you especially if you are using a step ladder that can be easily knocked over. Check that paving is properly fitted and replace if any cracks appear. This could make for a trip hazard resulting in a nasty head injury. It is important to take care of your trees and trim any loose branches hanging over paths that may potentially fall off again causing potential head injuries.

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Using chemicals

Make sure that chemicals such as pesticides are locked in cabinets in their original containers. It is also important to ensure that children do not play near any plants that have been sprayed with chemicals as they may touch them resulting in them getting toxins in their eyes or mouth.

Wash your hands

Finally, you should always encourage children to wash their hands after being the garden. Germs are the number one cause of many illnesses.