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How to make Glove Monsters

In our hall we have a basket which is filled with hats and other things depending on the season and this week I took all the winter hats, gloves and scarfs and swapped them for the summer caps and hats and I was left with two odd gloves, that were missing their mates.  So I decided to upcycle them and make some glove monsters.  And yes, I know that it is June and I am only putting away the winter stuff, but it has been a really odd Spring in the UK this year and we have had hail in May!

glove monsters

Making glove monsters is a great way of using up odd gloves that are different sizes (I pair up ones of the same size in different colours as life is too short to worry about odd gloves and odd socks)!  I have had so many suggestions for names for these rather adorable glove monsters including glovelies, glove gremlins,  monster mittens and glovlets.  Which is your favorite?

How to make Glove Monsters

glove monsters 3

Glove monsters are a great sewing project for tweens and teens and can be as cute or scary as you wish them to be.  I wouldn’t give these to children under three if you use buttons on them due to the choking hazard.

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Thread and needle


glove monster intrusions 1

Turn your glove inside out and mark where you want to sew.  I wanted our glove monsters to have four legs so we excluded the tumb.  I used a chalk pen to draw on it.  This makes it really visible for children to sew against.  Leave a gap in the middle so that you can stuff the glove.

glove monster intrusions 2

Turn your glove the right way round and fill with stuffing.  We used the insides of a dog teddy that Alvin has totally destroyed!  Maxi used a pencil to stuff the fingers of the glove and we turned the cuff inside.

glove monster intrusions 3

Then sew the hole you left shut.  Take care not to overstuff your glove, especially if it is a magic glove like ours was.

glove monster instructions 4

Maxi had been through our button stash and decided that he wanted to use buttons as eyes, but you could also use felt.  He sewed them onto one of the glove monsters, but used a hot glue gun for the other one.  He also used the hot glue gun to stick the felt mouths on to the monsters.

Glove monsters 1

Save Money with Cavendish Online

The inspiration behind the Glove Monsters was a collaboration with Cavendish Online, who asked me to try out their website and test out if they were cheaper than compare the market (who spend lots of advertising and mascots)!  In addition to trying out their site, they asked us to have a go at designing a mascot for them.

Glove Monster 6

MadDad has a life insurance policy at the moment, so I used his details and put them in to both websites for a 20 year term life insurance policy and you can see the clear differences below:

compare the market

So the two prices (using the Aviva option with the £25 fee) are £2.75 a month difference, which is £33 a year and £660 over the 20 year period.  Once you take the £25 fee off it is a total difference of £635, which is just amazing and it just goes to show that not all comparison sites are made equal and we will be using Cavendish Online in the future.

glove monsters 6
glove monsters 5

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