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Make money from your old clothes

If you are anything like me this last week of spring like weather will have you packing away the winter wear and getting our the spring summer clothes.  Being the organised Mum and Thrifty Mum I am.  Each year I but the boys summer clothes in the previous years sales and have them all packed away for them to grow into.  However, I am also left with a pile of clothes that no longer fit them and also clothes that Me or MadDad no longer want.


According to Asos Marketplace (site survey, April 2012), their average female customer has nearly £1,000-worth of clothes sitting in their wardrobe that they haven’t worn in a year.

So what do you do with these old clothes.  Well you can give them away, pass them on to a charity shop or can get cash for clothes instead.

  • You can sell your clothes via a car boot sale.  I find this is a simple and easy way to sell a lot of clothes.  I have a clothes rack in the garage that I transfer the small ones too and do a boot sale when I have a large number.  I make sure that they are all clean and I price them at around a pound an item.
  • You can sell via ebay.  Cheshire Mum has a great guide to selling baby clothes on ebay.  However. with the increase in postage costs this is becoming more costly.
  • You can Sell clothes via sites like Music Magpie or Preloved.
  • You could  have a clothes swapping party with friends and neighbours.  Although you will not be making money, you will be saving money by exchanging clothes for new to you ones.
  • You could sell them via your local NCT nearly new sale.
  • There are also companies that will weight your clothes and give you a set amount per kilo.
  • Alternately you could try upcycling your clothes into something that you can sell.  Perhaps you could turn them into pencil cases, bags, cushions or badges.