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Make Your Move With Children Stress Free

Make Your Move With Children Stress Free

Moving is stressful enough as it is. But if children are involved, that stress increases significantly. For your kids, it can be an emotional roller coaster as it is both exciting and scary. With so much uncertainty, your kids will be anxious, which as a parent, is bound to make you worry as well.

Make Your Move With Children Stress Free

That is why it is so important for you to be fully prepared when planning your move. With a few tips, you can have a simple, smooth move, for you and your children.


You need to communicate clearly with your children about the move. The earlier the better. Discuss your move with your kids as openly and freely as you can—since a move comes with so much uncertainty, talk them through the reasons why you are relocating, when you will move, and what it means for everyone.

Allow them to ask any questions or mention any concerns they have. Listening to them will make them feel reassured, strengthening the trust between you and your children.

Consider creating a moving day plan so that your kids know what to expect, detailing what the movers will be doing and the travel schedule. This enables them to prepare mentally and emotionally.

Allocate Tasks For Your Children

One of the most common issues when moving is that your children feel like they were left out of the decision-making process. This doesn’t have to be the case since there are many things that they can help with.

If you are still looking for a house, bring your kids with you to property viewings. It is crucial to have their opinions—if they hate their new home or neighbourhood, it will only cause headaches for you.

Let your kids pack their own toys and items from their room or label certain boxes. After you move, allow your children to decide on decorations or paint for their new rooms. Also, tell your removal company to prioritise unloading your children’s’ boxes first so their room can be set up quickly. With your children involved in the move, they will have a better transition to your new home, and will develop their ability to accept change.

Arrange For Childcare

While it is useful to have your children present during the moving day, there is a chance that it will slow you and your movers’ progress. Additionally, if things are too hectic, it could be a safety hazard for everyone involved. If this is the case, make arrangements beforehand for someone to look after your children while you move. Ensure that they have enough food, toys, and other necessary items to tide them over during this frenetic day.

Make Your Move With Children Stress Free

Plan Your Meals

The moving day will be chaotic and long, so having cranky kids will only make things worse. Make sure that you have enough food prepared throughout the day in order to feed any hungry mouths. This makes it easier for you too!

You could also allow your children to choose a restaurant or shop in your new area for meals during the moving day or the days after you move in. This gives your kids a sense of control during this busy period. It also has the benefit of being a great way to explore your new neighbourhood!

Fond Farewells

Naturally, your children might be frightened about moving to a new house. They will be anxious about leaving what is familiar to them: friends, family, school, and neighbourhood. Instead of focusing on these fears, celebrate the move as a positive adventure. Mark this occasion by having a big party, inviting family and your children’s friends.

Take some time to walk around your area or visit your favourite shops; you and your children will be able to smoothen the transition between your homes and enjoy the memories.

However, reassure your children that this is not a permanent goodbye. Tell them that they will be able to meet their friends again, either in person or online if moving a greater distance. Focus on the positives!

Continue Family Activities

Although it is difficult to live a normal life when planning to move house, it is important to maintain some level of regularity during this time. Children rely on consistency and predictability, meaning routines will play an important role in preparing your children for a move.

In the buildup to your big day, as well as after you move to your new place, try to maintain daily or weekly rituals that you and your family follow. Takeaway night, movie night, or weekend trips help restore some normalcy to your life. Aim to re-establish your normal routine soon after you move in in order for your children to feel more at home

With these tips, your children will have an easier time adjusting to their new surroundings. Proper planning is incredibly important when moving to a new house, and that planning also extends to taking care of your children during this tumultuous period. If you can make this big change easier for your kids, you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Make Your Move With Children Stress Free

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